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Brutal Banter Between Male Friends That Treads A Fine Line Between Comedy And Tragedy

Nothing is off limits
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Terrible Takes From People Who Should Play Less Video Games

Gamers aren't inherently bad. It's not a crime to want to spend hours on the internet, honing skills, streaming on Twitch, and/or indulging in fantasy. In fact, when playing with friends, video games can give you pretty much all the benefits (and maybe more) of a night out with the buds. But when some gamers, perhaps after being holed up for long nights of gaming with like-minded douchebags, are the epitome of misogynistic bros. Twitter account @GamerTakes , while largely inactive, is a goldmin…
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Funny spicy memes

Extra Spicy Memes & Eyebrow-Raising Things

These memes take a walk on the wild side.
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Funny memes and tweets with spicy punchlines, funny

Memes & Tweets With Spicy Plot Twists

Many of the most popular tweets and memes we see on the internet are rather predictable in their subject matter. The sexes take great pains to roast each other . Parents either whine about their kids' antics or weave unrealistic tales of their incomparable genius. People of all ages crack tons of jokes about the relatable pains of merely existing. While these tropes are well and good, and technically do the job, there are spicier and less predictable gems out there, just waiting to be enjoyed.…
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Bad & Batshit Takes on the Subject of Masculinity

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Funny cursed and spicy memes and tweets, thanks i hate it, lol | eats 400 kernels unpopped popcorn before die guy he cremates Somon without.. | Lumberzack @ltsLumberzack dudvwels snickers have dick vein Gray @StfuSmoke 22h Make mad 5 words or less

20 Spicy Posts From Agents Of Chaos

Oh no.
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Spicy and dank WikiHow memes, dark humor, anti-vaxxers, offensive memes | wikihow illustration of couple crying over a grave elebrate unvaccinated child's 5th birthday. woman offering another woman a stack of money bills turn friend into lesbian.

Spicy WikiHow Memes For People With Dark Sensibilities

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cringey and cursed and offesnive commends | r/AskReddit Posted by TheBeastBoud Would take 50/50 chance at $5,000,000 or death? Why or why not? whurpurgis Yeah. Either way don't have go work tomorrow | @Ninja phrase just game is such weak mindset are ok with happened, losing, imperfection craft stop getting angry after losing lost twice. There's always something learn, and always room improvement, never settle. Froste Replying Ninja I ran away home once cus my mom threw out my PlayStation after|

Spicy & Cursed Comments For The Edgelords

These comments might offend some people.
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funny spicy and offensive dank memes | Licking knife after l'm done other surgeons: made with mematic | Kyle @KylePlantEmoji This asshole thought just because he driving some fancy, expensive vehicle, he could go as fast as he wanted and weave between cars. Sol got front him and slowed down 10mph below speed limit Imao Fuckin ambulances swear

Questionably Spicy Memes Brimming With Dark Humor

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Funny, spicy and dank history memes | Allied tanks advance through Normandy, 1944 Colourised people in automated carts lining up in a supermarket | She: bae come over Stalin: can't sending people gulag She: my parents aren't home Stalin know

26 Spicy Memes For The Edgy History Scholars

Mamma mia
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videos funny yikes lois lane relationships superman-lois cw seduction weird offensive superman - 106420993

4 Superman & Lois Lane Love Life Storylines Too Offensive For The CW

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sex memes, naughty, dirty jokes, horny, funny memes, dank memes, memes, funny, sex | he start yelling too many instructions while y'all having sex Now flip over on side turn around look at | OH PLEASE TREAD ON Gadsden flag snake with a gag

44 Sex Memes to Send to Someone You're Trying To Bang

Get your mind into the gutter
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Funny memes that are a little edgy | Kim Jong Un is critical condition world: | venn diagram my 20s 1920s Great Depression 2020s

Mildly Dark Memes For Those Who Like Things On The Edgier Side

Just a lil edge.
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Funny sassy and slightly offensive comics from good bear comics | Detective Pikachu triple homicide and rape. Third one like this week dont know much more can take 13 1-47 Why don't just retire, sir got years Not until catch them all cant, Higgins | Nice meet Betty 's Becky Kelly? Starbucks cup

16 Sassy Gems From Good Bear Comics

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Funny and spicy memes that are a little bit  offensive | Richer Single mom @MogulWomanOllie love mini apples Did know there's small village South Africa where they grow? Now know! NAJA TWITTER SAVAGES S BadmanSophss God cleanse my mind and renew right spirit within | Thanos snaps* Public pools: person swimming in mud

Mildly Spicy Memes For Mildly Twisted People

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offensively inappropriate funny dark memes about life, death, murder, children, family, skeletons, animals, pokemon, pikachu | Tales Macabre think Im ready baby Honey God Stacey my made happiest man ever! Do think hell like sports?. Mr. Clean understands family is long dead and is here help. 12 /2-years -years 10kars 7-years 4-years 2years

30 Brutally Dark Memes & Comics For Your Twisted Entertainment

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