Makes Sense to Me!

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Created by Sofa-Knee ( Via Sofa Knee )

Vincent Van Gotye

cut ear gotye Hall of Fame literalism lyric off somebody that i used to k somebody that i used to know Vincent van Gogh - 6349975040
Via Some Artsy Betch

Such a Binary Creature

binary lion literalism off on suffix - 6334839552
Created by xyzpdq1

The Most Routine of Computer Processes

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Created by Eric

Let's Flip the Switch

Memes off on religion switch - 6260365568
Created by Unknown

Bacoff Bro, I Saw It First

bacon Memes off on puns what - 6184421632
Created by Opusmortalis

Turn Me On, Dead Man

john lennon Memes off opposites - 6133881088
Created by Jeaver15

How to Fix a Check Engine Light

check Hall of Fame off on opposites similar sounding Star Trek TLL - 6123901952
Created by ACEN842

My Childhood Is Complete

cannot unsee childhood off on project - 5986597120
Created by Unknown

That's Not Particularly Reassuring...

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Created by LOLdogexpert

Karma Chameleoff

boy george chameleon karma Memes off play on words - 5815501568
Created by Djcapidelcapo

Bill O'Riley: It's Pure Magic

bill-oreilly fall asleep off on socks - 5625447680
See all captions Created by xLuvasik

Joseph Decreux: I'll Follow Suit

clothes Joseph Ducreux off - 5255966464
See all captions Created by Unknown

Scumbag Brain: Welcome to 6am! Love, Friday

days morning off scumbag brain sleep wake up - 5336620800
See all captions Created by Unknown

You Need to Take Your Marco Polo Somewhere Else

off on Pie Chart pool - 5098390528
Created by Unknown

Why Does the Drag-On Have Sideburns?

dragon literalism off on opposite suffix - 5084442624
Created by MeGustaDragons
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