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People Discuss Totally Overblown Outrages Over a Celebrity

Accountability is important. Public figures are influential and their actions may be, by intent or not, replicated by fans and followers. That's a heavy burden to bear, but there's a large sect of our population that follows and emulates famous people. Like it or not, it's the unfortunate reality of fame. So when a particularly famous person makes a dubious moral decision, it might be best that their general audience doesn't follow. That's just common knowledge. Don't be subjectable to negative…
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silly memes, funny pics, funny tweets

27 Silly Memes And Tweets That'll Make Your Brain Happy

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obama photoshop photoshop battle - 1403653

The Obamas Get a Fantastic Farewell Photoshop Battle

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Obama's tweets tin the style of Trump

Hilarious Twitter Account Changes Obama's Tweets to Sound Like Trump's

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matt damon obama AMA robin williams celeb elijah wood - 1368581

The Best 'Ask Me Anything' Celebrity Responses Ever

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tweets by a cartoon version of Donald Trump

Cartoon Donald Trump Live-Tweets Obama's Farewell Speech and It's Even More Ridiculous Than We Could've Hoped For

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Dear Leader's "Other" Email Account

obama - 8983672064
Created by buyerbware ( Via )

Scandal Nostalgia

obama george w bush politics - 8974113280
Created by Unknown

A No-Lose Proposition

guns sign obama IRL - 8608052736
Created by Fatefinger ( Via Fatefinger )

Since When Did You Gain 200 Pounds, Congressman?

barack obama obama - 8092046592
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furniture hilarious obama president - 5060237568
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Obama's Logo Can Easily Be Repurposed


Lost your key again, Mr. POTUS?

doors obama - 8556098304
Created by anselmbe

Meanwhile, at the NSA

NSA government obama - 8009532160
Created by Unknown

When It's Been Seven Years Since You Last Played

obama unexpected thug life barack obama thug life Video - 70608897

President Obama Has No F**ks Left to Give

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