A compilation of memes about writers, writing, and writers block

Writer Memes For Procrastinating Authors Struggling With Writer's Block

I'm a writer who doesn't procrastinate…mostly. When I have a work or school deadline, I cannot procrastinate. The words need to get onto the page one way or another. It doesn't matter if the words are brilliant or foolish ; they're getting written either way. That's all well and good for writing when the alternative is negative consequences. When it comes to my own personal projects, however, that's a different story. When you're writing a novel or a short story solely for your own sick satisfa…
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Daughter's Viral TikTok Makes Her Father's Unsuccessful Thriller Novel Become a Best Seller Overnight

Daughter's Viral TikTok Makes Her Father's Unsuccessful Thriller Novel Become a Best Seller Overnight

This man spent 14 years writing a book that nobody bought for 11 years. Now, 25 years later, it's a best seller in two weeks because of a viral video.
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Why God

Funny meme that reads, "God watching you fall in love with somebody he's gonna use to hurt you for character development" above an image of a guy in the clouds supposed to be God
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troll in the  dedicated section of books

18 Troll-y Authors Who Brought The Sass In The 'Dedicated' Section

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I'll Tell You How It Is In 20 Years

Caption that reads, "Just bought a book from Ikea" above a pic of a bunch of Scrabble pieces
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The Blue Curtains Symbolize Faulkner's Failing Marriage, Duh

Caption that reads, "Writer: *Writes novel with no underlying meaning whatsoever;* Literature teachers: ..." above a still of Buzz LIghtyear with laser-beam eyes saying "Hmm"
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Oh Yeah, I Love That Guy!

Caption that reads, "Isn't that the name of the guy that played Sherlock Holmes?" above a sign that says "Butternut crinkle fries"
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It Was Brutal

Still of Boromir from Lord of the Rings in the snow yelling, "Where the f*ck are we, Gandalf?" Gandalf yells back, "This is the route our parents took to school!"
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Gonna Be A Thriller!

Fake headline announcing that there's going to be a 'Bible 2'
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Like a Pokémon, or An Epic Fiction

double meaning i am legend legend literalism Movie novel title - 5734050560
Created by RazorShader

Literary Pulp at Its Angstiest!

band double meaning literalism novel romance song trash puns - 5583209472
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Dating Site Murderer: It's a COOKBOOK

dating site murderer novel reading - 5418894336
See all captions Created by Unknown


Hall of Fame name novel shop similar sounding - 5328000000
Created by Unknown


double meaning Hall of Fame house literalism little novel title - 5308174336
Created by Unknown


book Hall of Fame novel - 5277302528
Created by Unknown


font game literalism novel rhyming show similar sounding title - 4970858752
Created by Unknown
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