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Man Gets Stuck In Car After Forgetting To Leave For Tyre Change

With the array of distractions we have at our disposal these days, it’s easy not to pay attention when we really need to. Everyone has their moments of forgetfulness, and makes the occasional mistake when interacting with others. However, sometimes things get a little more complicated than simply mixing up thank you and goodbye. For @markperfs , this recently went as far as leaving him stuck in his car for an hour and a half — all because he didn’t remember to leave it in time for the mechanic …
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Funny meme where a guy on the beach represents "People not thinking that it be like it is," and an incoming tsunami represents "It, when it do"
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Caption that reads, "When the teacher thinks you aren't listening and asks you a question but you get it right" above some pics of an old lady break-dancing
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Excellent Point!

Tweet that reads, "Took 28 years to realize that no matter what the meeting is about, if you randomly chime in with 'it's just about finding that balance' people will always agree"
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