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20+ Emo Music Memes for Nostalgic Scene Kids and Emo Appreciators

Now, I was never a committed emo kid back in the good old days. I was a little bit too young to fully adopt the lifestyle, plus my mom would have never let it fly. I was more in the music appreciator sphere. I was very much into all the quintessential bands, My Chemical Romance specifically. While that might sound a little trite, it is, I was and still continue to be a super fan. So what did it mean to be emo back in the mid-aughts? Did you have to adopt the aesthetic? Did you have to attend Wa…
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20+ Shrek Memes for Fairy Tale Fans and Ogre Enthusiasts

There are few things unanimously loved by audiences across the board as the Shrek film franchise. The first movie came out some 20 years ago, but it's aged with perfection. The jokes hold up, the characters are as charming as ever, and it's as fun as it was when I first saw it as a child. If I had to put on a movie to entertain a group comprised of a full range of generations, you know I'm choosing “Shrek 2." It's just impossible to hate the ogre and his crew. While the movies are still widely…
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Weekly Internet Roundup: Cops on Slides, The Planet of the Bass, and Mourning for Tater Tot

Also, Lizzo plunges into the cancellation meme cycle.
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20+ Lego Memes for Brilliant Builders and Construction Toy Connoisseurs

Who amongst us has never played with Legos before? It's a universal experience. Legos are the absolute king of children's toys. In fact, they're probably the dominant franchise for recent age groups. Various well-crafted Lego video games, a slew of movies, the toys themselves, and even television shows! Lego saw the potential for its brand and hit it out of the park. That's not to say that Legos don't appeal to every age group , it's just that they're a well-run company for this current generat…
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25+ Minecraft Memes for Bold Base Builders and Crafty Cave Explorers

For certain generations, Minecraft is a foundational part of childhood. Akin to learning to ride a bike or losing your first tooth, everyone remembers the first time they encountered a creeper. It's a bit hard to describe to older and younger audiences the initial phenomenon that was Minecraft . Think of it as you would Pokemon, Fortnite, or Roblox. Things that have dominated the lives and cultures of young people. Personally, Minecraft was the de facto franchise for my generation. I spent my m…
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Meme-lennials: A '90s Disney Thermos Full of Nostalgic Memes for Millennials in Need of Warm Nostalgic Satisfaction (July 27,2023)

Sometimes the only way to get that funny bone working is with a heaping dose of throwbacks.
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27 Sassy Seasoned Tweets Gen Z Can't Relate to

27 Sassily Seasoned Tweets Gen Z Can't Relate to

Are we old or what
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25+ Spicy Pizza Memes In 30 Minutes or Less

Growing up, pizza was one of the best things in the world. It was more than just delicious, the presence of pizza often signaled a good time. Cheap, but tasty Little Caesar's at sleepovers, pizza day in the school cafeteria, eating a big pie with your soccer team after a win. Pizza is nostalgic, it's a core part of so many people's childhood. That's not to say pizza has no place as an adult. Ordering a pizza for delivery is a convenient and tasty experience . It's good in a pinch or when you do…
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A Tombola of 17 Neopets Memes for Neopian Citizens Who Visited the Money Tree Daily

Please feed them
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25 Spongebob Memes for Bikini Bottom Denizens and Krusty Krab Enjoyers

SpongeBob SquarePants has run for over 20 years. You'd have to live under a rock to not understand the cultural gravitas of this iconic marine life series. That was a pun that referred to Patrick's living situation, but who in this world isn't hip to SpongeBob ? The show spans generations. People who grew up watching it could very well be raising children that are currently watching it. It's a phenomenon for a very good reason. While it's easy to disagree on the quality of later releases, the i…
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35+ Hilarious Indiana Jones Memes for Dauntless Adventurers

Say what you will about the fourth and fifth entries in the Indiana Jones series . No, seriously. Say anything you want. Those movies aren't very good and I think Steven Spielberg knows it. The original trilogy, however, consists of three incredible, classic films. That's indisputable Do you remember the first time you ever watched Indiana Jones? When I was around four or five, my uncle thought “Raiders of the Lost Ark” would be a good movie to bond over, so he put it on. Other than the face-me…
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90s Memes For Children of the 90s

90s kids can relate
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An ‘Invader Zim’ Pencil Case Full of Nostalgia Memes for Millennials Who Need to Satisfy Their Nostalgic Funny Bone (July 13, 2023)

Sorry, we remembered the game...
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25+ Call of Duty Memes for First Person Fanatics

I was more into Halo than Call of Duty growing up. It's just the better series. At least, in my opinion. At some point in elementary school, all of my friends switched over to the first Black Ops game. Nobody wants to be the odd man out in sixth grade, so I quickly followed. That was my first, and greatest, introduction to the series. Everyone's favorite Call of Duty game iteration depends on what they played in middle school. I don't make the rules, that's just how it is. Nostalgia and popular…
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'The dog filter on snapchat': Ex Tumblr Girl Reminisces on the Vibes of the 2010's, Giving Cringe and Nostalgia at the Same Time

The combover bangs though
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People Discuss What It's Like to Grow Up Poor

If you know, you know. Growing up without a lot of money is a pretty specific experience. Obviously, the degree to which you experienced financial woe is a sliding scale. No one person's experience is the same as the next. The main things that I remember, at least from childhood, are things like utilizing the free lunch program at school, receiving ridicule for what I was dressed in, never taking a vacation, living off the least expensive food possible, and having the not-so-quality house that…
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