These Kids Are Now 19 Years Old!!

Caption that reads, "When a teenager tells me they were born in the year 2000" above pics of Matt Damon progressively getting older in each photo
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Caption that reads, "What if chickens had front-facing eyes" above a photoshopped pic of a chicken with front-facing eyes
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I'm Old And That's Just Not Right

Caption that reads, "When a teenager tells me they were born in the year 2000"
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Gosh Darn it

Caption that reads, "I hate it when you see a sign and suddenly your plans are ruined" above a photo of a sign that depicts a person riding a triceratops with an X over it
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Darn It

Pic of The Weeknd with braids that look like Wednesday Addams' under the caption, "When you thought it was almost the weekend but it's only Wednesday"
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Tweet that reads, "The DJ really said 'Where my 2000s babies at' and the crowd went wild. That's when I knew it was time for me to go home"
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Childhood Ruined

noooo tumblr creepy mario - 8416038400

Childhood Ruined

creepy mario noooo tumblr - 8240565504
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Anyone Looking for a New Dog?

noooo dogs kingdom hearts - 8151025920
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But Then That'd Mean... No One's Creative!?

conspiracy keanu meme Morpheus noooo philosoraptor sudden clarity clarence the same - 6031796480

I don't remember how to use the internet without it!

down god google internet Memes noooo - 5556311040
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Socially Awkward Penguin: We Have a Situation

class noooo partner school socially awkward penguin - 5049871104
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