Cousin's Bucatini

Funny meme that reads, "Dad's ravioli? Nah. Grandma's gnocchi? Nope. Come on Marshall, think..." above a still of Eminem writing something at a desk wearing glasses
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Just One Plz

Caption that reads, "Brother may I have one spaghett" below a pic of a little chihuahua staring at a bowl of spaghetti
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RIP );

Caption that reads, "My tupperware for the rest of their life after eating something with tomato sauce in it" above a pic of Donald Trump with an orange face
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metal Music ramen noodles Japan Video - 79464961

At the Very Least, This Video Will Have You Asking What "Beard Noodles" Are

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Hand Made Noodles

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Fusilli Machine

machines gifs noodles win - 8396370944
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Someone Get Some Marinara

Sexy Ladies funny noodles wtf spaghetti - 8262630400
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This Meal is Making Me Crabby

crabs gifs noodles - 8255403008
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Can't She Just Sit in the Chair?

funny noodles wtf Splits - 8226068224
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How to Enjoy Noodles if You Have Noodle Hair

hair gifs noodles - 8167140096
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Dat Cold Ramen

ramen cooking noodles freezer - 6280389120
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gifs noodles Life Hack beards funny - 7819974912
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Every Ramen Eater's Rage

ramen fire noodles funny - 7522661120
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Not a Good Noodle Anymore

patrick star SpongeBob SquarePants noodles - 7413333248
By nerdisthew0rd

How Noodles Are Made

spinning wtf gifs awesome noodles - 7346552320
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Robot Noodle Chefs

gifs knives noodles robots win - 6537509120
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