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Funny & Nonsensical Quips From the Mouths of Sleep-Talkers

Sleep-talking is a phenomenon that affects about 5% of adults and, more often than not, is pretty damn funny. I personally never want to know if I fart in my sleep (if you're not conscious it doesn't count), but if I'm snuggled next to you while slumbering and I utter something wild, terrifying, or hilarious, I'd better hear about it when I wake up. There's something about the utterances of the unconscious that is far more fascinating than the details of whatever a person is actually dreaming a…
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Funny posts from satirical Instagram account Obvious Plant | CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts WARNING: rchidren under 3 years 5+76664 wioue obvious plant MUPPET SCREAMS forced Muppet scream into this bag Absorb its power! Smell its fear! Asmt Nind RINCA kermit 8 ESPANTASUE 22-72945 DE HIKING TIP Remember, if get lost woods. STAY WHERE ARE (because don't like please don't come back just kidding actually increases chances being found) Angeles National Forest Obvious Plant

Bunch Of Times Obvious Plant Slayed Us With Total Nonsense

We always love a healthy dose of Obvious Plant!
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Funny tweets about absurd insults one could use

Nonsensical Insults To Confuse The Heck Outta Your Worst Enemies

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Wait, What?

Omegle nonsense - 5410940672
By Medojo

Beer Hold Can That Me I Do

comments youtube nonsense - 7018027008
By Sonic_Bro_knee

Stoner Meeting

meeting high nonsense stoner - 6997287424
By Unknown


nonsense spelling stupidity - 4390250240
See all captions By CaptnHamm3r


history channel nonsense world war 2 - 6616638720
By Warwing

You Think YOUR Vader Is Nonsense?

darth vader kilt Memes nonsense unicycle water - 5967766784
By Haelios (Via

Someone Get That Woman a Braille Keyboard

facebook Hellen Keller nonsense - 5598462464
By nuckfuts


just-kidding-relax lol nonsense nuns puns swings - 5124578304
By Unknown

Admit It, We All Feel This Way.

admit it kirk Memes nonsense ridiculous silly wat - 4820900352
By modestdreamer


house nonsense sense - 4556906752
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csi Horatio murder nonsense tacos TV - 3978235904
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animals hilarious jungle nonsense talk to the hand zoo - 3991682304
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nonsense wtf Xxzibit xzhibit yo dawg - 3203578112
By Unknown