Most of It Ends Up On My Face

food noms Pie Chart - 5219573504
By X8_Bliss


friends noms nutella Pie Chart - 5183788544
By littleabin

I'll Provide the Milk

cereal chex noms Rage Comics we should probably - 5181255936
By Unknown

Cheesus Christ Nommed for Your Sins

chips doritos noms Rage Comics - 5155791360
By Unknown

The Tastiest Shapes

circle noms pizza triangle venn diagram - 5177805824
By Unknown

Ugh, That Tastes Like Fiber

Bar Graph cereal noms - 5154003456
By Awy72

The Difference Is Grease

best of week logic meal noms - 5159923712
By Unknown

A Breakfast That Leaves You Blue

blue waffle IRL noms waffles - 5104452352
By trullijohn

At Least They're the Appropriate Colors...Usually

food gross lunch noms Pie Chart school - 4529165824
By greenlego57


cheesy double meaning eating food human lolwut noms peppy pizza - 5152872192
By Unknown

Get In My Mouth

best of week eating food noms Rage Comics spaghetti sweet jesus have mercy - 5130215424
Via EPICPonyz

For Texture

best of week cooking noms Rage Comics - 5127000576
By Davero

This Is Not the Creme Filling I Was Looking For

gross IRL mayo noms - 5130813440
By Unknown

Save Time; Start With a Salad

noms Pie Chart taco - 5114133248
By Baconyin

Occasionally With a Cracker

noms Pie Chart sandwich - 5101124608
By Unknown

Also, I'd Like It Cut Into Squares

awesome Cats haiku noms pizza - 5091144704
By Unknown