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Home Worker Finds Solidarity After Admitting She Needs "Emotional Support Movie" Put On In The Background To Do Her Job

It's comforting, apparently
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Petty Neighbor Takes Revenge On Noisy Fireworks And The Internet Is Here For It

Fighting fire with fire.
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Weird Kinda ASMR

Funny Twitter meme about the very distinct sound the plastic lid on a store-bought cake makes | EliteTweetThief The whole world can hear you trying to open this late at night Dak RidicuIousDak I can hear this picture
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Funny meme about the sound level of many different things, but the thing that has the highest sound level is a shampoo bottle falling in the shower.
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The Pains of That Lava Lamp Humming Sound Though

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Works Out Great Until You're the One Getting Stabbed

funny amazon review noise canceling headphone stabbing
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Who Said You Can't Make Real Music on a Computer?

Via Harsh Noise Wally

That's Why You Never Became a Dancer

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The Little Laptop That Could

facebook noise library - 7016504320
By Unknown

Rest Well Puppers

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The First Five Times You Listen To Pulse Demon It's Not Pleasant, But Eventually You Just Put on Your Teletubby Costume And It All Makes Sense

costume dogs Music gifs cute noise - 8547951360
By Unknown

Waking Up at Night When...

sleeptimes noise - 6625456896
By rossler123

Scariest Thing in the World

biscuits cooking noise - 8445825280
By Smartybrat

Scumbag Stomach

stomach rage noise test - 8442965504
By Unknown

Hey I Like Weird Music, I am Pretty Sure

Music noise web comics - 8404314880
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Try to Drink at 2!

night mom waking up noise rage - 8372379648
By MiketheTrollo2003
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