Nightmares from servers, bad jobs, restaurant work, server jobs, bad customers, nasty customers, rude people

15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

It's a very, very hard job.
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Hell To The Naw

Funny tweet that reads, "I'd rather be put in the luggage hold than have to sit like this on a plane" above an image of four people facing each other on an airplane
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Monsters Have Nightmares Too

Funny web comic about a monster having a nightmare and getting into a kids bed.
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Solid Nightmare Material

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It Is About Time for a Superhero Musical...

web comics batman v superman nightmares It Is About Time for a Superhero Musical...
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Your Dreams Can Catch Up To You

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creepy dolls nightmares - 4572027136
By LittleWalken

Relax, You Were Having a Nightmare, Bud

dogs gifs sleep nightmares - 8397794560
By Unknown

Welcome to Hell!

hell work funny nightmares - 8085120000
By Unknown

Pets Are Such Great Entertainment

animals dogs funny nightmares - 7975325696

Bad Luck Brian Has a Nightmare

bad luck brian dreams Memes nightmares - 7975422976
By Unknown

My Meeting Was More Interesting...

dreams nightmares - 7896773632
By Unknown

Near Death Experience

dreams nightmares - 7833609216
By death_by_rage

Welcome to Hell, Sonic

video games funny nightmares sonic - 7819777024
By Unknown

The Killer Snails Are Coming

wtf Terrifying funny nightmares - 3982025984
See all captions By nkeith

Mr. Forever Alone Dreams

forever alone hobo me gusta acid homeless dreams nightmares - 7237492992
By Steelknight21
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