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A Night-Meme on Elm Street

Scary memes to haunt your dreams
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Creepiest Mark Zuckerberg Memes to Help Fuel Your Nightmares

We know you can see this, Mark...
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Former Servers Relive the Nightmare of Food Service in Viral Thread

Servers are the unsung warriors of the restaurant industry . On top of being expected to maintain an impeccable memory under extreme pressure, servers have to swallow their pride and put on a smile while taking abuse from unreasonable Karens, splitting checks between dozens of drunk college students, and making sure glasses are never empty. And what do servers get in the end? Just enough tips to pay the rent and years of stress dreams about serving to look forward to. When @roastmalone_ tweeted…
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15+ Crazy Server Nightmares Both Real & Sleep-Induced

It's a very, very hard job.
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Hell To The Naw

Funny tweet that reads, "I'd rather be put in the luggage hold than have to sit like this on a plane" above an image of four people facing each other on an airplane
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Monsters Have Nightmares Too

Funny web comic about a monster having a nightmare and getting into a kids bed.
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Solid Nightmare Material

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It Is About Time for a Superhero Musical...

web comics batman v superman nightmares It Is About Time for a Superhero Musical...
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Your Dreams Can Catch Up To You

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creepy dolls nightmares - 4572027136
Created by LittleWalken

Relax, You Were Having a Nightmare, Bud

dogs gifs sleep nightmares - 8397794560

Welcome to Hell!

hell work funny nightmares - 8085120000

Pets Are Such Great Entertainment

animals dogs funny nightmares - 7975325696

Bad Luck Brian Has a Nightmare

bad luck brian dreams Memes nightmares - 7975422976

My Meeting Was More Interesting...

dreams nightmares - 7896773632

Near Death Experience

dreams nightmares - 7833609216
Created by death_by_rage
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