Unfortunate Baby Name Memes That Almost Making Adam Levine Naming His Unborn Child After His Mistress Seem Normal

Unfortunate Baby Name Memes That Almost Make Adam Levine Naming His Unborn Child After His Mistress Seem Normal

Some people take this freedom a little too far
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Brutal Banter Between Male Friends That Treads A Fine Line Between Comedy And Tragedy

Nothing is off limits
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Funny viral thread from girlfriend who desperately wants her boyfriend to stop calling her by the nickname Tony Piza

Frustrated Woman Reveals That Boyfriend Won't Stop Calling Her 'Tony Pizza,' Goes Viral

"Eyyy, Tony Pizza!" If this is how my partner greeted me, I would be ecstatic. It embodies everything I love: a New York accent, an Italian name, and an Italian food . This weekend I learned that not everyone is quite as forgiving and open-minded when it comes to pet names. And you know what? That's okay. Everyone is entitled to their own comfort in the nickname department. But once you reveal your contempt for a moniker in a Reddit thread, you're fair game. And you just might go viral.
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Twitter Users Recall The Dumbest Things That They Got Teased For

Ha ha!
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Abusing Nicknames

Sad Pokémon nicknames - 8426010368
Via Google Shop

High Five!

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The Best Nickname Ever Given to a Pokémon

Pokémon bulbasaur nicknames - 7801392896
Created by Guilherme.didi

Poor Jack

jack sparrow captain captain america nicknames - 6661458688
Created by jtcaseley1