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A Big Ol' Batch of Funny Things & Nonsensical Memes

With all the perils and tragedies of the world (you know, wars, pandemics, inflation) and the agonizing stresses of everyday life, it can often feel as though the last thing on our minds is how we can press pause on the insanity and take a break from it all. It can be incredibly difficult to stop all the overthinking and anxiety that is a natural part of life, but scrolling through a stupid and funny memes and shitposts is sure to give you a small bit of respite from the tortures of reality. Th…
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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Came Out As a Goth and Everyone Is Loving It

Surprise, surprise.
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WoW tim burton lol nicolas cage nic cage funny superman - 107035137

Nic Cage Almost Starred In A Tim Burton Superman Movie Where He'd Fight A Giant Spider

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The Dank Drop, storming the capitol, political memes, funny memes, dank memes, relatable, spicy, nic cage, nicolas cage, washington dc, national treasure, karens, coronavirus | Some random dude D.C. right now gonna steal Declaration Independence. made with mematic | My mom Japanese Waiter would like award highest honor can bestow Gracias SODA

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (1-2 to 1-8)

Thank you, meme creators.
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Funny back-and-forth conversation between mother and daughter where they post photos of Nicolas Cage in odd places for each other to find

Troll-y Mom Declares 'Nicolas Cage War' On Her Unsuspecting Daughter

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Pure Luxury

Funny meme about using your mom's shampoo during the holidays.
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Funny celebrity photobombs.

16 Righteous Celebrity Photobombs

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Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

Caption that reads, "When you get them something you really wanted for yourself" above a pic of nicolas Cage surprising a woman with the Declaration of Independence
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nicolas cage memes and pics

15 Nicolas Cage Memes To Remind You Who Our Supreme Overlord Is

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Funny video of nick cage as other people.

Nic Cage As Everyone Is Our New Favorite Video Meme

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Funny photoshop memes of nic cage as Dwight from office and Scumback Steve, with list of lots of other celebrities, harry potter, star trek, star wars, amy winehouse.

Happy Birthday, Nic Cage As Everyone!

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National Treasure IV

movies national treasure Memes nicolas cage nic cage - 9043947776
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The Best Car Decal

gifs cars nic cage - 8369172480
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A Moment of Genius

FAIL treadmills gifs nic cage fall - 8255475712
By Unknown

Wicker's Kitchen

gordon ramsay nic cage - 7863778560
By CinderBlock

Sometimes You Just Need to Feel Something

wtf nic cage funny - 7837049088
By ballz69 (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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