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'The Alhambra in Granada': Real-Life Travelers Share What Tourist Attractions Are Actually Worth the Hype

'The Alhambra in Granada': Real-Life Travelers Share What Tourist Attractions Are Actually Worth the Hype

Here is your new bucket list.
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Funny Facebook posts from the New Zealand police Facebook page | New Zealand Police couldn't not dollypartonchallenge LINKEDIN INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TINDER. Yes should. Should wear seatbelt? yes yes but yellow pie chart blue and yellow

Fourteen Cute And Funny Posts From The New Zealand Police Facebook Page

Cute puppies galore!
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twitter thread about how terrible the australia bushfires are | tweet by manwithoutatan want give some perspective people not Australia. More Aussie land is currently burning than exists entire country Belgium smoke is causing breathing problems New Zealand, 2,000km away. Half billion animals have been killed. Eight people are dead.

Horrifying Thread Reveals How Devastating The Australian Fires Really Area

This is important.
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funny penguin stories

Penguins Getting Shamed For Their Bad Behavior Is Adorably Hilarious

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Radio Caller in New Zealand Can't Understand a Simple Trivia Question

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New Zealand Rush Hour

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New Zealand Prime Minister Trying to Hammer a Nail

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You Mean the City With All the Hobbits?

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Awkward Moments on a New Zealand News Show

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Let's Take a Look Back to the New Zealand National Rugby Team Doing the Haka in 1973

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What Was This Idiot Thinking?

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Thanks, Guys...

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This Man is a Candidate for Prime Minister in New Zealand

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One in Iceland and One in New Zealand. The Biggest Sandwich of All Time.

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A New Zealand Man Lost a Drunken Poker Bet to His Friends and Had to Legally Change His Name

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Probably True

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