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The best memes from the last decade

Thirty-Four Of The Absolute Best Memes of The Decade

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Funny memes about the start of 2020 | Person -  wondering year 2000 20 years ago and wtf happened last 2 decades V tr-h 3 .2 ar? C= 2ar V tr²h 30° 45° 60° tan (0) 10 sin xdx cos x+C v2 sin dx tgx +C, COS COS X Stgxdx cosx 5- tan %3D 2x 60 dx Intg sin x ax +bx +c =0 30° erad dx arcig x xV3 dx B-4ac 5- | Man - 2020 thinking 2015 like 2 years ago

Roundup Of 2020 Memes To Mark The End Of A Decade

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Tweet that reads, "From the bottom of my heart I hope 2020 is a better mental health year for everyone"
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Caption that reads, "January 2019: This is going to be my year; March: ..." above a pic of Daniel Radcliffe sitting on a swing looking mad
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The Weekend Update Has Always Been Full Of Gems

Still of Chevy Chase saying, "Let's take a brief look back at 1975, shall we?" above another still of him looking back at a screen that says "1975"
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Pic of a sign on the freeway that reads, "New year, new you, use your blinker"
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It's What You Make It

Caption that reads, "When you realize 2019 is going to be exactly the same as 2018 because time is just an abstract concept created by humans and has no real bearing on the events that occur" above a pic of Pikachu in a sleeping bag looking content
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Every Damn Year

depressing bugs bunny new years 2019 relatable funny memes Memes change - 9255378176
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lifestyle healthy diet new years resolutions gym workout new years weightlifting gym memes exercise running workout memes cardio working out resolution - 7468037

17 Workout Memes For All The New Years Resolutioners

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*Raises Hand*
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That Was A Lie

Caption that reads, "Boss: It's great to be back to work today; Me: ..." above a still of Luke Skywalker saying, "Amazing. Every word of what you've just said is wrong"
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Ross Is Still So Relatable

Still from 'Friends' where Ross says, "This year was supposed to be great. Well, it's only the second day and I'm a loser..."
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new years memes

'2019 Energy' Memes Have The Internet Making Some Hysterical New Years Resolutions

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Gonna Be A Great Year!

Funny meme about 2019.
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new years memes

15 New Years Memes That'll Kick 2018's A$$

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