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Story about luxury gym Equinox rejecting new members looking to fulfill their New Years Resolutions

Luxury Gym Equinox Bans "New Years Resolutioners" From Joining On January 1st

There is a lot of hostility towards some people pursuing a New Years' Resolution . It's a widely accepted view that lazy people use the new year as an excuse to work on themselves when they would never have otherwise. I don't completely agree with that; I think there are a lot of achievable goals you can set during this time of the year, but not all New Years' Resolutions are created equally. Some people set too high expectations for themselves, which leads o a lot of quitting. This especially…
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A compilation of memes about New Years Eve and 2023

New Years Eve Memes For Everyone Ringing In 2023

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot and auld lang syne?” To that question, I say, “no.” This auld acquaintance song used to be the quintessential New Years Eve tune
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Funniest New Years Resolution Memes for People With No Goals

2023 is my year
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Pretty Much

funny and relatable meme about new years, people lying to themselves that they're going to do things differently, bugs bunny hitting goku of dragonball z
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Sounds Peaceful

Tweet that reads, "My New Years resolution is to lose all domestication and become completely feral"
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It's What You Make It

Caption that reads, "When you realize 2019 is going to be exactly the same as 2018 because time is just an abstract concept created by humans and has no real bearing on the events that occur" above a pic of Pikachu in a sleeping bag looking content
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17 Workout Memes For All The New Years Resolutioners

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Ross Is Still So Relatable

Still from 'Friends' where Ross says, "This year was supposed to be great. Well, it's only the second day and I'm a loser..."
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'2019 Energy' Memes Have The Internet Making Some Hysterical New Years Resolutions

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It Me

Funny web comic about new years resolution to stop procrastinating, immediately starts procrastinating.
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That Doesn't Seem Like a Healthy Diet Plan

web comic diet That Doesn't Seem Like a Healthy Diet Plan
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I'm Actually Just Waiting for the Chinese New Year to Start My Resolutions

web comics new years resolutions I'm Actually Just Waiting for the Chinese New Year to Start My Resolutions
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Make Reasonable Resolutions

new years new years resolutions - 8600941824
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Don't Cry Out Loud

web comics new years resolutions
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It's a Win-Win

new years resolutions web comics - 8600437760
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Yeah, About That Gym Resolution

web comics new years resolutions
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