never gonna give you up

viral tiktok account is rickrolling it's viewers

Viral TikToker Who Zooms-In On Places From Google Maps Is Rickrolling It's Viewers

Rickrolling has made its way to the 21st century app TikTok. This man will never go away. He is taking over TikTok, his last branch of taking over the entire Internet, and next he will take over the world.
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Twitter users respond to Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up Remastered in 4k

People Really Hate Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' 4k Remaster

Rickrolling just got a lot crisper.
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Funny rickroll meme where you have to say the opposite of six words that turns out to be "never gonna give you up" | Say the opposite of these words: 1 )Always. 2)Coming. 3)From. 4)Take. 5)Me. 6)Down. *2008 teens*
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Funny dank memes featuring Rick Astley in sunglasses singing, "You know the rules and so do I" | 2020 1720 plague 1820 plague 1920 plague KNOW RULES AND SO DO reddit 68 upvote downvote

Twenty-One Rick Astley Memes For The Rule-Followers

Gotta love a good Rick Roll meme!
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Funny video of a bunch of movie clips together making up Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'

This 'Never Gonna Give You Up' Mashup Is Straight Gold

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You Wouldn't Get This From Any Other Guy

Funny fake sign urging voters to vote for Rick Astley for prime minister
Via ShawnicHedgehog
the pope pie charts never gonna give you up pie chart memes james blunt pie rick astley pope francis procrastination parenting star wars yoda - 6354181

15 Sarcastic Pie Charts That Are Stupidly Funny

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Gettin' Rick-Rolled In The Bathroom

Someone gets rick-rolled in a bathroom stall
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never gonna give you up sexual orientation tinder bisexual twitter memes gay straight dating profile - 5751557

'I'm Straight, I'm Gay' Survey Is Inspiring Some Goofy Spin-Off Memes

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Gives You Up, Lets You Down

bad luck brian Memes never gonna give you up rick astley - 6343610112
Created by Unknown

Strangers No More

forever alone never gonna give you up rick roll - 5281300224
Created by argument

Bitter Tears? He Lied!

Bad Translator never gonna give you up rick roll tears - 4896303616
Created by Gee

Your Heart's Been Baking

cake dessert IRL lie Memes never gonna give you up rickroll - 4845999104
Created by Unknown
darth vader never gonna give you up piano rickroll star wars Video - 17419777

Darth Vaider Rickroll

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License to Troll

007 james bond never gonna give you up rick astley rickroll - 4464626176
Created by alky10

Technologically Impaired Duck: Rick Astley!

never gonna give you up rick astley rickroll Technologically Impaired Duck - 4337973504
See all captions Created by msnodgrass
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