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A Semi-Chaotic Collection of Memes, Tweets, and Tumblr Posts

This fleeting existence has a tendency to feel a bit pointless. You know, "life's a b*tch and then you die" type vibes. It's really wild that everyting feels as though it's meant to be a struggle, living meager paycheck to meager paycheck, while some person who says "yes" or "no" or “more” lives lavishly and luxuriously thanks to our hard work. While we try not to think of the sad reality in our day-to-day lives, it has become increasingly hard to ignore. But when the going gets tough, and real…
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Funniest Sci-Fi Memes for Futurist Nerds (January 27, 2023)

Beep boop
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Random Memes For Other People Who Aren't Part of the Jet Set

Anyone else here ever get into the show Killing Eve? It's got everything: assassins, murder, hot people, comedy, and lots of steamy sexual tension. The story is centered around Eve Polastri ( Sandra Oh ), an MI5 desk jockey who is very, very bored with her job, and thus, her life. Some missteps lead to Poastri joining MI6 as an undercover agent tasked with tracking an extremely hot female assassin by the name of Villanelle ( Jodie Comer) . Despite Eve's history of boredom, it's Villanelle that…
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A collection of funny and random  memes and entertaining tweets, dinosaurs

Funny Memes to Help You Over the Proverbial Hump

It is Wednesday, my dudes. If you've spent any time on Reddit over the past few years, you're probably familiar with the inside joke, which originated in the r/me_irl subreddit. Frogs, toads, and Redditors aside, Wednesday is supposedly a day worth celebrating. But we don't really see it. Wednesday is a marker, a reminder that there's still half a week left of working - at least, that is, if you're a 9-5 office drone like we are here at Memebase. To celebrate “hump day” is to feed into the syst…
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A large gallery of funny random memes and tweets, jokes, some nerdy memes about dungeons and dragons

A Random Act of Semi-Curated Memes

Time is weird. Five minutes doesn't sound, outwardly, like a lot of time. But it can pass in wildly different ways. Five minutes at the DMV, or waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around, can feel like an eternity. The same goes for waiting in line for a drink at a crowded bar. But five minutes doing something more enjoyable can pass a lot more quickly. A five-minute turn on some sort of amusement ride (they're usually a lot shorter) can feel like five seconds for people who enjoy them, and five year…
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A gallery of funny random memes and tweets with some nerdy humor and dungeons and dragons included

Random Memes That Are a Little Bit Normie and a Lotta Bit Nerdy

Welcome to the intersection of nerdy and normie memes. You know, these memes are kind of all over the place. Makes me think of all the chaotic kids who used to just shove papers into their backpacks in grade school (or maybe even later)? Do you yearn to understand how all that chaos and impulsiveness impacted their futures? As a former crammer of papers (my mom hated it), I can say that adulthood has been a struggle , mostly in the organization department. I've been called a hurricane, a tornad…
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The Best Gaming Memes of the Week (January 18, 2023)

It's time for some gaming content
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The Best Dungeons & Dragons Memes of the Week (January 13, 2023)

D&D was trending on Twitter recently, and it wasn't good news. If you haven't already heard, apparently Wizards of the Coast is under fire after Dungeons & Dragons fans found out about some changes to the legendary RPG's Open Game License that are allegedly underway. These changes would make it very difficult for third-party content creators to distribute their own supplemental D&D products, a move that would be detrimental to the community. So far, there's been a huge backlash against Hasbro a…
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The Best Gaming Memes of the Week (January 11, 2022)

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Funny random memes

A Varied Gallery of Memes, Tweets and Tumblr Posts

Happy Sunday, internet users and abusers! We've almost made it through yet another fabulous weekend on our illustrious planet Earth. How does it feel? Well, after an unfulfilling weekend of trying to recuperate from the workweek, I'm honestly still tired as hell and feel like my life is passing me by. It's pretty cruel that the weekend hasn't really helped my mood or my general feelings about existence. I always find myself wondering how many days off it takes to actually feel good. The weekly…
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Funny random memes and tweets

A Patchwork Quilt of Varied Memes

Congratulations, you've officially almost made it entirely over the hump. For some people, that means absolutely nothing. That's because some people are exempt from the tortures of a Monday through Friday, nine to five workweek. As for the rest of us, this calls for a celebration. When celebrating milestones like hump day , you want to be careful not to have too much fun, because that will alter your productivity on Thursday and Friday. It's a delicate balance. That's why we like to cut loose b…
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A Pleasant Punch of Largely Nerdy Memes

Goodbye, 2022. As I write this I am nearly paralyzed (at least mentally) by the notion that another year has come and gone. Another shitty year, might I add. Looking back on 2022, I can't say that I've done anything of that much importance. Sure, I killed it at work and managed to keep my cats alive, but I didn't experience any milestones like getting married or having a kid - both of which the people on my Instagram and Facebook feeds seem to be doing with wild abandon. The truth is, I spent m…
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Funny star trek memes

Star Trek Memes For All the Die-Hard Trekkies

The Star Trek television (and cinematic, we suppose) universe is a very special one. Somehow, creator Gene Roddenberry imagined a world - and television shows - that have always felt super progressive in regards to their both characters and storylines. From the original series, to some of the more controversial and new offerings like Star Trek: Discovery and Strange New Worlds , the stories promote tolerance, curiosity, and peace. Which is impressive given the insane scope of the universe. It's…
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A Decent Bunch of Pretty Good Memes

If parallel universes exist, then, logically speaking, that probably means there is an alternate reality where memes don't exist. A universe where everything is just varying shades of grey (like new fast food chains), and food tastes like nothing. In this bleak reality, humans look bizarrely ageless because there is a severe lack of sunshine and vitamin D, and nobody ever laughs. In this awful universe, the only form of entertainment that exists is a single channel on a gigantic, antiquated tel…
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Random Memes to Relieve the Holiday Hangover

What up, fools? I guess we've survived yet another holiday season. Now we are tasked with somehow getting through the weird week between Christmas and New Year's Day. I, for one, am feeling bloated, dazed, dehydrated and very, very dumb. I'm sure many of you feel similarly, if not hungover from alchohol, hungover from social interaction or excessive amounts of sugar and sodium. When we feel a bit “under the weather,” metaphorically or physically, we find the internet has a way of coming through…
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A Fun Bunch of Mostly-Nerdy Memes

The end of the weekend can be difficult. Especially after a holiday weekend. Our energy is usually at an all-time low (at least it is on our Sundays) and almost any form of inane entertainment will keep us enraptured enough to forget about Monday's impending doom and the anxiety of heading back to work. You can turn on the television and get sucked into some series about a serial killer, or some wartorn country, and actually feel pretty good about your current station. Especially after you've e…
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