Funny geeky alphabet comic, lord of the rings, star wars.

This Nerdy Alphabet Comic Is Geeky Reference Gold

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Collection of random funny web comics about disney, aladding, nerd stuff, geeky, drugs, gaming, animals, cats, dogs.

46 Web Comics That'll Get You Laughing

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So Strapped

Funny meme about Magic the gathering players ready to send someone to the shadow realm.
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Collection of funny memes about Eminem, pizza, beach body, summer, animals, nerds, sex, dating, relationships, star wars, drugs, comics, marriage, social media.

28 Funny Memes to Rev Up Your Morning

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horrible cringe comics from gaming/gamer subculture in the mid 2000s.

21 Super Cringey Mid-2000s Gaming Web Comics

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Funny comics and drawings of all the people you will see at the comic and nerd convention ComicCon.

All The People You'll See At ComicCon

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The Ultimate Truth

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Joke's on You, I Already Watched It so I Have No Fear of Spoilers!

star wars spoiler to get rid of nerds
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Rainbow Nerds

candy nerds me gusta sir - 6524538368

Nerdy First Date

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Weirdly Good Advice

nerds girls graphics video games dating advice - 8161953536
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First Day of School

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Love Hurts

nerds FAIL gifs anime love - 8539351040


abstinence engineering impossible nerds sex - 3596710144
See all captions Created by hannamattar

Nighttime on Ballybran

cool nerds mindwarp gifs science fiction - 8527303168
Created by tamaleknight

Why You Should Never Mess With Nerds

rage nerds paintball gifs - 8503947264