You Have to Be a Bit Nerdy to Tell the Time on This Clock

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Star Wars Has Samurai Movie Roots, and This Guy Got a Tattoo to Show It All Off

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Getting a PC Case, Brick by Brick

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medieval history nerdgasm knight Video - 68800257

Meet the Modern-Day Knights Who Fight for Fun With Period-Accurate Weapons and Armor

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Greetings and Good Luck on Your Rolls!

design dice nerdgasm dungeons and dragons g rated win - 8422959104
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The Legend of Tuba: A Link to the Brass

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Your Favorite Movies, Done in LEGO!

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lego nerdgasm video games Video - 64850945

Take a Tour Through This LEGO-fied Version of DOOM!

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Warm Yourself Up With the Dark Side

darth vader design star wars nerdgasm g rated win - 8323519488
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The New Coolest Dad Ever Made a BattleTech Treehouse for His Kids

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A Club Hit Gets Mixed With a Video Game Classic

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The R-KAID-R is a Gorgeous Arcade in a Box to Tickle Your Retro Fancy

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Bioshock's Columbia Gets a LEGO Tribute

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This Cool Animation is A Link Between Worlds of Chalk

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After Those Parsecs, What Do You Do?

star wars nerdgasm failbook g rated - 8229434880
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You've Got the Right Gearshift Now, but Can Your Car Handle the Grid?

cars design nerdgasm tron - 8220692992
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