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Dude Hilariously Explains Why The Moon Landings Were Definitely A Hoax in This Ridiculous Twitter Thread

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Just Sayin'

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By Unknown

Un Petit Step Pour Homme, Un Giant Crêpe Pour Hommekind!

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By Unknown

Of All the Things on YouTube...

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By ColonelAugustusAwesome

Classic: If I Were Neil Armstrong....

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By The_Waiting

Neil Armswag

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By PetePete

Too Bad About His Moon Racing Title

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By Unknown

Neil Armstrong: Greatest Nerd in History

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By DefconRed

Neil Vs.Lance

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By buckles_b (Via Bite)

RIP Neil Armstrong

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It's So Easy to Mix Them Up

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By wwiiaman (Via Google)

And Here's How NBC Reported the News Today

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By Unknown

R.I.P Neil Armstrong

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Via Washington Post

Seriously Though, RIP Sir

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By Daz_Voz
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