Be nice to your neighbors, you never want to end up in a feud. From Hatfield and McCoy's to Karen and Kyle and every other lovely person you could meet, it's best to make cookies, not war.

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Woman Puts Out Christmas Wreath, Neighbor Copies Her Literally

Festive prankery
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Funny tweets about nextdoor vegan post | Please close windows cooking meat s up neighborhood, one love As vegan runner s always hard this time year weather starts warming up and folks start opening their windows. Several nights week l'm out running around dinnertime and people have their windows open can smell they are cooking noticed sharp uptick recently

Entitled Vegan Runner Asks Neighbors Not to Cook Meat With Windows Open

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Comedy Gold From the Petty World of 'Nextdoor'

"When neighbors start talking, good things happen"
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30+ Petty & Comedic Gems From Best of Nextdoor

Here in New York City we usually have too many neighbors to bother getting to know or communicate with anyone. Sure, there are a few neighborhood or block associations, but they're usually pretty insular. Nobody we know uses sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It's usually a quick “How ya doin?” or, when something messed up is happening, a quick complaining session on the sidewalk. This does not seem to be the case in the suburbs. We've come to this conclusion thanks to Best of Nextdoor Twitter…
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30+ Comically Passive Aggressive Notes People Left For Their Neighbors

Ah, the woes of renting. Anyone who's experienced the daily little annoyances that come with living in an apartment building full of hundreds of other grumpy tenants likely understands that 'loving thy neighbor' is sometimes harder than it looks. Even the politest souls can resort to furiously scrawling passive aggressive notes for their inconsiderate neighbors if buttons are pushed hard enough. One can only take so many sleepless nights hearing apartment 5b blast Justin Bieber at ungodly hours…
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Funny & Strange Notes Neighbors Left in Apartment Building Lobbies

Thanks to the impressive popularity of @whatisnewyork, hundreds of renters regularly send the account all the hilariously weird and passive aggressive notes they find in the apartment complex lobbies of New York City. Seeing these notes all in one place really paints a picture of the woes of renting in a tenement full of high-strung, stressed-out, irritable people. Though, to be fair, not all the notes are full of rage. Some bold neighbors use lobbies, laundry rooms, and elevators as their perso
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Cracked Explains How Neighborhood Apps Make Us Worse Neighbors

Unless you spend your entire life on a farm in the middle of nowhere, it's likely you will have to deal with neighbor drama at some point. Whether it's the family upstairs who apparently wear concrete shoes or that dude who keeps parking in front of your driveway, people are often at their worst when they're close to home. Technology has tried to find a solution in the form of the neighborhood app ; in theory, they allow us to sort our petty disputes and maybe even create a sense community alon…
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A Treasure Trove of Gems From the Petty World of 'Nextdoor'

The best of 'Best of Nextdoor'
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Angry Neighbor Publicly Freaks Out, Becomes Relatable Twitter Meme

If it happens, chances are it'll get meme'd
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Funny video of Karen complain about Tigger flag on viral TikTok video, neighborhood, old lady, entitled

Joyless Karen Complains About Neighbor's Tigger Flag

"We have rules."
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Funny moments from best of next door, entitled people, petty people | TO whomever called 911 on the marijuana plants in the front yard. They are tomato plants, you imbecile. Next time you feel the need to stuff up the emergency line with absolute garbage, try 311. That's the non emergency line. You're welcome. Older Model Car Parked on Local Street Can someone do something about this? I've tried the police and Office, to no avail. We pay a lot of money to live in this neighborhood. It's

20+ Petty Gems From 'Best Of Nextdoor'

"When neighbors start talking, good things happen."
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Petty Neighbor Takes Revenge On Noisy Fireworks And The Internet Is Here For It

Fighting fire with fire.
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Neighbor Fed Up With Endless Barking Gets Petty Revenge

Redditors discuss common neighborhood grievances
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complaint, neighbors, petty, funny tweets, twitter, social media, nextdoor, best of nextdoor, crazy people, funny, lol | Flags. On my 2 1/2 miles with my dog saw grand total 13 American flags flying hoping see more. Posted General 52 neighborhoods emojis are Liberian flag. | Rare plant growing tennis ball $50 O95827-3564 MESSAGE Tennis ball left rain, growing unknown plant. Come and buy and keep growing Maby have tree one day or rose never know

Priceless Posts And Petty Complaints From 'The Best Of Nextdoor'

The Nextdoor app is a comedy goldmine
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4 Early Drafts of Justice League Characters Too Wild For Zack Snyder And HBO

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20 Gold Posts From The Nextdoor App

'When neighbors start talking, good things happen'
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