natural selection

Darwin Approves

Funny meme that reads, "'If you don't want to quarantine it's okay' - Charles Darwin" next to a photo of Charles Darwin
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That Is Technically A Solution

Sign that reads, "Polar bear in the area! Use extreme caution when headed outside! Go with a "slower" coworker"
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Except for Rainbow Fish, Who Was Smart Enough to Eliminate the Competition

image natural selection kids book Except for Rainbow Fish, Who Was Smart Enough to Eliminate the Competition
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Things Are Not Looking Up

natural selection idiots funny - 8456253952
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We Assume No Responsibility

natural selection hot dogs - 7905897216
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Natural Selection

wtf natural selection darwinism idiots - 7604804096
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The King of Mice

wtf king knife natural selection mice funny - 7443735552
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Natural Selection: Human Intervention Style

natural selection conspiracy keanu flies - 7178521344
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Don't Worry, They'll Weed Themselves Out

FAILS natural selection pools - 7130325248
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doing it right anime natural selection - 4352865536
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Fundies on Wheels

religion natural selection categoryvoting-page - 6615424768
By physicshax

Natural Selection

natural selection rapper tweets yolo - 6588428032
By Jevans1993

Natural Selection

Death natural selection nickelback sneak - 6472752896
By vikkiievoltage

Darwin Nailed It

darwinism Death natural selection stupid - 6578598912
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facebook grammar natural selection suicide - 6577318400
By phantombanana


idiots natural selection proof teen - 6390032896
By Cyberdude
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