A compilation of anime memes for weebs and otakus

31 Weeb-y Anime Memes For Otakus

I’ll say it; otakus and weebs deserve respect. I may not technically be a weeb, but I’ve always respected the rights of weebs to hang out in the Manga section at Barens and Noble. They should be able to wear schoolgirl outfits in public without getting laughed at and ridiculed out of the Barnes and Noble bathroom. I respect weebs who do not want to even show their face in a Barnes and Noble and prefer the likes of independently owned book retailers. Luckily, we seem to be entering a golden age…
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The Best Nerdy 'Naruto' Memes for Anime Fans

The most viral Naruto- related meme was probably back in 2019 during the storming of Area 51 when someone did an epic Naruto run in the background of a live news broadcast. Even today, the Naruto runner is used over and over again in memes that often have little to do with the series. But hardcore weebs and anime fans know that there are tons of Naruto memes out there that are too niche for the general population. We've put together a collection of the best nerdy Naruto memes for manga -heads a…
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Humorous Thread Discusses How Weebs Make The Best Fast Food Workers

Who knew?
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Funny TikToks and Tweets debating what centaurs do with their human arms when they are galloping

The Internet Debates: WTF Do Centaurs Do With Their Human Arms While Galloping?

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Abort Mission

Funny dank meme about feeling hopeful about 2020 featuring the Area 51 Naruto runner | Me going into 2020 with good hope for the future Nah, nothing to see here...
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Video of man naruto running behind reporter at area 51

Dude Naruto Runs Behind Reporter As Area 51 Raid Commences

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It's An Entertaining Thought For Sure

Funny tweet that reads, "The funniest part of this Area 51 thing to me is realizing somewhere in the Pentagon had to explain to a general what a Naruto run is with a straight face"
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Funny anime memes, naruto hiding, manga, tv, dank memes.

'Naruto Hiding' Is An Anime Meme Anyone Can Appreciate

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funny random memes to make you laugh

28 Funny Memes That Are Sure To Get You LOLing

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Funny random memes

27 Fun Memes That'll Get Your Weekend Going

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comical dank memes

30+ Comical Memes To Dank Up Your Day

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Funny list of reactions to Osama bin Laden watching hentai and anime.

Breaking News: Osama Bin Spankin' It To Anime Tiddies

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fashion anime Dragon Ball Z Memes naruto rompers Spider-Man dj khaled funny - 2201861

Memers Take On The Latest Men's Fashion Craze: The RompHim

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What a find

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When it's about to get real

Pokémon digimon Dragon Ball Z naruto Yu Gi Oh one piece - 9015370496
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At Least You Put it to Good Use

jacket naruto image - 8997032704
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