These Virus-Ridden LimeWire Memes Are A Hilarious Blast From The Past

Some of you may be too young to remember the days before Spotify, but we gotta tell you - they were dangerous. Applications like LimeWire, Kazaa and Napster promised free and easily downloadable music, but it came at a cost. The files were often plagued with viruses, and for opportunistic students eager to steal their favorite Linkin Park hits, this did not bode well for family computers. In a strange turn of events, some very specific Limewire memes have been popping up on communities like Simpsons Shitposting, Reddit, and Twitter. 

The Simpsons Shitpostingcommunity is going particularly hard with the meme, but we're also seeing some damn good wrestling iterations. Here are some of our favorites. They don't come with viruses, we promise.

Funny memes about Limewirem, the simpsons.
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