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Male Self Defense Expert Wins Admiration By Showing How To Throw A Punch With Acrylics

True allyship.
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Nail Tech Delights The Internet By Doing Set For Seven Year Old Brother

Whether it's a girlfriend, a family member or even a colleague , most of us know a person who's really into nails. They're rarely seen out and about without their fingertips adorned with a fresh set, and they might even get their hands featured on the Instagram of their nail tech. However, it appears that the role of nail model is not as sought after as you might think. If @setsbyloraine is anything to go by, desperate times call for desperate measures. Lacking anyone else to model for her, she…
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Well That's One Solution

Funny tweet that reads, "My cousin's boyfriend proposed to her but she didn't have her nails done lmao"
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Mmm, Delicious

Funny meme about hot pockets.
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Nailed It!

puns nails web comics - 8759953920
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Five Stars and Then Some

nail biting deterrent butt licking
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My Dog Could Do a Better Job

nail polish nails painting Rage Comics - 5024155648

I'm Doing it Right Now

nails kids fingers funny - 8452160768


nails rage - 8381165056

Seems Super Dangerous

batman funny nails sharp - 8342694144

Give This One a Second to Sink In...

I see what you did there nail polish nails poorly dressed - 8264208128
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Making It Work

nails web comics - 8225819648
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eventually You'll Get It

bad idea funny incompetence nails - 8180220160

The Fanciest Dog of All Fancyland

nails fancy funny - 8150660352
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nails individuality - 8142264064
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Beaten Fiercely

beating individual funny nails - 8122931712
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