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Funny Mythology Memes That Expose the Gods' Toxic Behavior

The Disneyfication of Greek mythology in 1997 animation Hercules is pretty hilarious if you're familiar with the real (and very messed up) lore. In the movie, Zeus, Hera and Hercules are presented as one big wholesome family. The actual legend is full of adultery, violence, revenge, and terrible parenting. In the Disney movie, Hercules is the beloved child of Zeus and Hera. He is stripped of his immortality by Hades and forced to life as a mortal on earth. In the original myth, Hercules is not…
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20+ Vaguely Historical Memes for Classical Studies Dabblers

Memes with a bit of educational zest
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Funny distracted boyfriend meme about man looking at medusa and turning to stone
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Funny greek mythology memes, dank memes | Is this a pigeon? LITERALLY ANY MAJOR GREEK ZEUS HERO IS THIS MY SON? | Day 14 Italy Dolphins are coming back* Day 264 Greece: minotaur

Greek Mythology Memes For Lovers Of Ancient Lore

Myths are freaky.
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