A compilation of memes about Literature and Greek mythology

Literature Memes For Recovering Percy Jackson Kids

“What are you reading right now?” is one of the scariest questions an intellectual hot person can ask you. It's a question more loaded than a baked potato because there is a correct and incorrect answer to it.
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Titillating Text Posts With Greek & Roman Mythology Themes

Do you know how to read? Are you fascinated by history and mythology, particularly of the Greek and Roman variety? Well, you're in for a real treat! Turns out the people of Tumblr and Twitter really, really, really enjoy classical mythology. They could go on about it for days, debating mythological hypotheticals, or delivering sharp one-liners about the deities worshiped by Ancient Greeks and Romans. We've put together a hearty helping of these sorts of posts. I wouldn't treat them as one would…
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Mythology Memes For Those Who Love the Gods

When I was a kid I was completely obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology . The myths were dark, yet vibrant. The violence, drama and edge of these ancient myths made cutesy fairy tales seem utterly pathetic in comparison. I wanted grotesque monsters.. I wanted bloody, gruesome deaths. I wanted magic (good and bad), and freaky sex. And the myths were more than happy to deliver. My favorite, in particular, was the tale of Hades and Persephone. Anything having to do with the God of the Underworld…
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The Best Fresh History Memes This Week (March 9, 2022)

It is said that history repeats itself. And judging by the current turmoil in Russian and Ukraine, and the consistent shit show pretty much everywhere else, the statement does bear some truth. For all the world's technological advancements, hard-learned lessons, and brutal wars, we can't seem to get past the scourges of intolerance, hatred, and greed. While this senseless repetition is exhausting to witness in real time, it's a bit less torturous when it's expressed in the form of memes. Histor…
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Funny TikToks and Tweets debating what centaurs do with their human arms when they are galloping

The Internet Debates: WTF Do Centaurs Do With Their Human Arms While Galloping?

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Classical Studies Memes For The Humanistically Minded

Ancient Greeks were the original memers.
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45 Memes For Maxin' And Relaxin'

Take it easy!
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funny memes, dank memes, random memes, shitposts, history memes, funny tweets, twitter memes, funny, lord of the rings, avatar the last airbender, mythology, 2020 memes, tumblr memes | Comfort INN NOW PET FRIENDLY! EXCEPT BEARS NOT MAKING MIST AKE AGAIN SAD BEAR NOISES | Existential Comics @existentialcoms real torture wasn't Sisyphus has roll rock up hill eternity Zeus kept telling him if he worked hard and applied himself, one day he might be able pay off his student loans.

A Various Mix Of Amusing Memes

And other entertaining internet things
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Funny distracted boyfriend meme about man looking at medusa and turning to stone
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Funny greek mythology memes, dank memes | Is this a pigeon? LITERALLY ANY MAJOR GREEK ZEUS HERO IS THIS MY SON? | Day 14 Italy Dolphins are coming back* Day 264 Greece: minotaur

Greek Mythology Memes For Lovers Of Ancient Lore

Myths are freaky.
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Funny memes about Greek mythology | tweet by tinyconfusion kylie minogue and keanu reeves look like hades and persephone would look like if they had get interviewed bank loan their kid's college tuition. drake and josh: Zeus control sky Hades control underworld Neptune: CONTROL SPEED AT WHICH LOBSTERS DIE.

Funny Greek Mythology Memes Fit For The Gods

If only Zeus could've kept it in his pants.
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Blinking White Guy Memes Are Back, Dumber Than Ever

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Funny memes using Spice Adams rubbing his hands together, love story of leon lemons, anthony spice adams, memes about zeus and greek mythology, youtube memes,

Anthony 'Spice' Adams Memes Are Activating Memers' Devious Sides

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Funny history memes.

24 Silly History Memes That Definitely Beat Your Textbooks

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funny memes about zeus and greek mythology

20 Smooth Zeus Memes To Celebrate Mythology's Freakiest Playboy

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