mythical creatures

Funny Twitter thread about how a doctor would deliver a defibrillator to a centaur | tweet by FredWuMD Serious question medtwitter: If show up at code, and patient is centaur who had cardiac arrest, ignoring joules question, where do think defib pads should go assuming heart is human part, or B, assuming heart is horse part?

Doctor Tries To Figure Out Where To Put A Defibrillator On A Centaur

Bet you never considered this, now did you?
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On My Way

Funny meme that reads, "Her: Hey come over; Bigfoot: I can't; Her: I have a very low resolution shaky camera to record; Bigfoot: ..." above a pic of a Bigfoot riding a motorcycle
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Satirical Tumblr post about Bigfoot being real but not visible because he disappears when he turns to the side
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