creepy stories, scary stories, creepy, unexplained, unsolved mysteries, stories, reddit, askreddit, thread, weird, spooky, mysterious | redditaccount1_2 Right after quarantine started got package mail addressed my name and my address and contained 1 pink starburst and nothing else this day have no idea who sent or why return address vacant office space across country. Edit did not eat postmark matched address believe but 's been so long l'm not positive, there is one friend

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It Really Is A Mystery

Caption that reads, "Me: Doctor, what can I do to be healthier? Doctor: Well you can eat better, exercise more, consume less alcohol, quit smoking and..." above a still of Frodo Baggins saying, "Alright then, keep your secrets"
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Funny and interesting video about internet mysteries, infographics show.

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Someone Call the Cops to Check on Them

mysterious text math anxiety - 8987746560
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Vine of the Day: Some Mysterious Fuzz Balls are Best Left Alone

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Troll God DOES Indeed Work in ''Mysterious Ways''

gay hate homosexual mysterious Troll God - 4986846976
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