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Dismal Tweets That Really Sum Up the Millennial Experience

We're killing everything
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14 year old white girls funny memes | peter griffin family guy instagram: s[he] be[lie]ve[d] 14 year old white girl: thats smartest thing heard anyone say aboutanything | S(he's wa)nting ove and (u)nderstand()n(g) aga()n. 00 1K 108 Comments

These Cringey '14-Year-Old White Girl' Memes Are, Like, So Profound

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Gen Z Will NEVER Understand

Kids today will never understand the struggle of having to pick out a Myspace theme


Funny meme about Myspace.
Via ruinedchildhood

Myspace Gets Lonely Too

friends myspace - 8174761216
By Astara

This Is Why No One Uses Myspace

wtf myspace idiots funny - 8162138112
Via Cheezburger

But The Other Stuff Is Totally Ok

internet myspace drug stuff funny - 7804460288
By HilBethJay

That Pretty Much Sums it Up

myspace graphs funny - 7529351680
By MrPopsicle43

Justin Timberlake, Stop Trying to Make Myspace Happen

myspace no - 6848872448
By Undead_Undead

Are You Kidding Me?

twitter social networking internet tableflip facebook myspace Okay - 6796331264
By Unknown

It Never Ends..

ends i know that feel myspace never slenderman - 6608555264
By XDropBearX

Social Media Explained

facebook myspace social media stalking twitter venn diagram - 6488585984
Via Lol Post

Forever Unwanted

forever alone internet explorer myspace - 6428785152
By ArtBot

Net Noob: Ahead of the Curve

computers friends myspace Net Noob social networking - 5379081728
See all captions By ChuckGrin

Clearly Trapped In the Past

facebook hank hill myspace Rage Comics - 5304146176
By Unknown

Dumb Daughters

best of week facebook myspace social media twitter - 5285426176
By Unknown
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