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MordeTwi Is Back and the Fandom Is Weirder Than Ever

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...
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Funny swole doge vs cheems memes, dank memes | Teachers normal classes Stop talking Teachers now please guys say something | waitstaff CocaCola had keep my cool room packed with people with managers screaming at and customers trying sexually assault Police shoot people who aren't even looking at

38 Swole Doge Vs. Cheems Memes That Prove They're Still Going Strong

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Horrifying Cringe Pics That May Cause Bleeding Eyes

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Cringey pics, funny cringey pics.

25 Ultra-Cringey Pics That'll Make You Feel Great About Yourself

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Pulled A Lil Sneaky One On Ya ;)

Caption that reads, "When your coworker Jeff is on vacation and you pull a super silly prank by changing the wallpaper on his computer to My Little Pony or something funny like that lol" above a stock photo of a dopey-looking white guy
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30 Funny Pics To Pull You Up From The Doldrums

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cringeworthy pics and memes

25 Cringeworthy Posts That'll Light Your Dumpster Fire

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So Much Of The Internet

Funny meme/web comic about people on the internet drawing my little pony hentai.
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When Your My Little Pony Doll Forgot to Put on Her Make Up

image my little pony make up When Your My Little Pony Doll Forgot to Put on Her Make Up
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Your Little Pony Has Some Big Secrets

wtf my little pony toys made in china - 8759293696
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Too Weird to Be Fake

Bronies my little pony the onion - 8565981696
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angry cartoons creepy my little pony painful Terrifying - 4742509056
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Bronies my little pony Video - 61828097

Brony Civil Rights!

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So Much for the Magic of Friendship

Bronies forever alone my little pony Rage Comics - 4888377088
By Selunge

Alright, Who Gave Him the Thesaurus This Time?


A Most Euphoric Party

my little pony - 8277115392
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