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Burger King Overrun With Burger Queens After Musical Trend Takes Off

Pop punk’s not dead
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Caption that reads, "To the person at work who always steals my donuts...your day of reckoning has come" above a pic of someone injecting mustard into a donut
Via Girwasmypet


Chart illustration of men and women with yellow coloring over different parts of their bodies and a text caption below that reads, "See the shocking truth about what mustard does to your body depending on where you slather it on yourself"
Via VHS95

Be Prepared

Funny meme about the benefits of having something that you might not need - featuring photo of a gun dispensing mustard onto a hot dog.
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Take That, Donut Thief!

trolling memes mustard donuts
Via VegetableRights

Condiment Conundrum

mustard ketchup - 8572291328
Created by frmjewduhh

I Then Screamed With All the Force I Could Mustard

mustard ketchup grocery store - 7538404864

Never Ask For Mustard

mustard wtf bondage grill - 7110005760
Created by StarPosition

Dijon Donuts

mustard donuts office pranks - 8217991168

Har Har, Very Funny, Guys...

mustard hot dogs restaurants - 8292715520

Hot Dog Prepares For Their Final Day

hotdogs ketchup mustard wtf - 7993931264

Har Har, Very Funny, Guys...

hot dogs mustard - 7970436608

Fusion Food is Going Too Far

mustard wtf bananas ketchup funny - 7908169216
mustard videos Ghostbusters hot dogs - 55738369

I Ain't Afraid of No Toast

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Delicious on Your Furry Friend

mustard cat ketchup mouse - 7417068032
Created by SalaComMander

Must. Have. Hotdog. Pizza!

crust fry hot dog mustard pizza shut up take my money - 6079141888
Created by Radar323 ( Via Grist )
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