A compilation of memes about music, musical instruments, and music notation

Music Memes For Musical Instrument Players

Everyone likes music, right? I am known to roll my eyes at people who list “music” as one of their interests. All I can think when someone says music is their favorite thing is, “yeah bro, everyone likes music.” However, some people like music a lot more than others. I'm talking about the CD-heads working their way through 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die . I'm referring to the people who were not only first chair in their high school band but also the first chair in their college…
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Sweeney Todd, the lion king, Music, theatre, musicals, singing, monty python, wicked, monty python and the holy grail, theater, musical, broadway, dance, new york city

Musical Memes For Proud Theatre Kids

He had it coming!
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baftas, music, cate blanchett, theatre, Awards, musicals, singing, song, angela bassett, theatre kids, Music FAILS, viola davis, award, musical, west side story, ariana debose, Hamilton

Hilarious Tweets Reacting To Ariana DeBose's Cringey BAFTA Performance

Angela Bassett did the thing!
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A compilation of memes about theatre, theatre kids, and acting

Theatre Kid Memes For Musical Lovers

Five Six Seven Eight!
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funniest beauty and the beast memes, disney

Best 'Beauty and the Beast' Memes That Are a Hilarious Tale As Old As Time

We all have a little beast AND a little Belle in us... And probably a little Gaston too.
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A compilation of musical notations with threatening vibes

Musical Notations With Insane Vibes

I played a musical instrument once. I played it in one of the most lawless music arenas known to man: the middle school band. During my time as a 12-year-old trombone artist, I was kind of killing it. The best thing about trombone is that most of the notes they need you to play are very easy. I remember distinctly that, in our flawless rendition of Don’t Stop Believin’ , I only had to play two notes. I had my knowledge of bass clef and my lips that fit perfectly inside the mouthpiece pulling me…
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TikTok Where Lea Michele from Glee Funny Girl and Spring Awakening Addresses Rumors That She's an Illiterate Person Who Can't Read

Lea Michele Finally Addresses Rumors That She Can't Read In Hilarious TikTok

Lea Michele can't read. At least that's what everybody has been aledging about the former Glee star for the past couple of years. The conspiracy theory began when a YouTuber made an hours-long conspiracy video documenting his theory that Lea Michele never learned to read. The illiteracy rumors have recently increased in popularity since Lea Michele was cast in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. She began her run as Fanny Brice on September 4th but sadly tested positive for COVID soon afterward, f…
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A compilation of tweets responding to Lea Michele's debut as Fanny Brice in the Broadway musical Funny Girl

Twitter Raves Lea Michele's Opening Night Performance in Funny Girl

If you've been online at all over the past couple of months, I'm sure you've heard the rumors that Lea Michele can't read . Her alleged illiteracy has not gotten in the way of her success, as she's finally snagged the lead role in the Broadway musical Funny Girl. Her road to the role has not been easy. She is most well-known for starring as Rachel Berry in Glee, where she regularly performed songs from Funny Girl . During the final season of the series, Rachel Berry stars in the fictional first…
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Funny memes about music | someone long have been playing instrument 10 years then: so good at crying cat being interviewed | need help singing higher notes SHURE

Fifteen Music Memes For Any Kind Of Music Enthusiast

Calling all drummers, singers, band geeks, and any other kind of music lover!
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Memes about the musical Hamilton | My cat any time use bathroom wanna be room where happens | finishes Hamilton My Disney hamil_laurens You'll be back king in a powdered wig and a crown

20 Hamilton Memes For The Super-Fans

Hamilton is finally on Disney+!
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Memes about music | Beginner guitarists after learning play smoke on water roccstar @sixthgutar Meme Man wurds | choir singing lech mich im arse Audience Mozart made with mematic laughing wolves

Thirty Musical Memes With Something For Everyone

Rap, pop, or rock - this gallery has it all.
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Funny memes about music | 2020: music sheet | just want take break practice and empty my thoughts just gaze into distance mountain and trees reflecting in water to create the shape of a violin

Sixteen Band Geek Memes For Musical Nerds

Sup band geeks?
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Funny memes about band, music | music sheet stuck under person's hat forgets stand | Yeah practice. practice: P- No R Don't C

Fifteen Band Memes For The Musicians Who Should Be Practicing

Memes for orch dorks and band geeks!
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Funny memes about music | IF TAKE BUDDY WHO DOESN'T LISTEN METAL SABATON CONCERT: big bird walking with stromtroopers and Darth Vader | Teacher can't hear images : sunrise from The Lion King

Fifteen Noteworthy Music Memes And Pics

Entertainment for the musicians and music enthusiasts
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Funny memes about being in band, music | Everyone else band tuning drummer: U/BEN METAL Whack Hannibal Buress | Practicing at home. Practicing teacher is talking. made with mematic Drakeposting

Twenty-Eight Musical Memes For The Band Geeks

Memes for people who were in high school marching band.
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Funny video of Lacey Lennon and quinton james singing about their relationship at step-siblings for brazzers

Brazzers Musical 'A Step Away' Is Surprisingly Great

And moderately safe for work.
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