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20+ Cringey Music Fails & Moments

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Burger King Overrun With Burger Queens After Musical Trend Takes Off

Pop punk’s not dead
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Twitter users roast DJ Khaled for playing guitar badly, fail, bob marley, marley family, roasted, insulted, hilarious

DJ Khaled Roasted For Cringey Attempt at Guitar Playing

Surprise, surprise. Pleasing women isn't the only thing DJ Khaled is woefully bad at. The revelation came after the DJ and producer was gifted a new commemorative Bob Marley guitar by Guild and the Marley family. The instrument came with a personal note from the Marleys, explaining that they wanted Khaled to be one of the first to play the guitar as he has immense respect for the beloved musician. Unfortunately for them, it appears the sentiment was a huge mistake. Why? Because the dude can bar…
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Tattooist Gets Roasted For Inking Song Link On Customer That Could Be “New Rickroll”

File under "Songs That Trigger My Fight Or Flight Response".
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Overwrought TikTok Cringe Heralds Midwest Emo Renaissance

Saetia, is that you?
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15+ Musicboard Reviews That Confirm Music Nerds Are Weirdos

It’s pretty difficult to find many individuals out there who have a serious aversion to music . There’s nothing like the unifying power of song to bring us all together, unless we start arguing about music taste — in which case, we will never hear the end of which genre is better and why. It’s a golden rule that the deeper you get into having music as an interest, the more insufferable you become and Musicboard is proof of that phenomenon. However, it can make for some pretty funny takedowns. T…
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Demi Adejuyigbe Wishes Everyone a Happy September 21st for the Last Time

We will always remember
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Incredible Thread of Website Suggestions Is a Reminder of How Great the Internet Can Be

Before the world became addicted to 'likes' and compulsively checking incessant notifications, the internet was a vast ocean of interesting websites, strange net art projects, and data experiments. It still is, in fact! Maybe we're just too glued to social media to notice. Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten what a special place the internet can be. @lucyhughes_PR recently created a Twitter thread of 'underrated' websites that deserve appreciation. Delighted by the recommendations, many other
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WOW ok unfollowing now twitter meme

'Ok, Unfollowing Now' Meme Mocks How Sensitive Twitter Users Would React to Classic Tales

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Snarky Takedown Of ‘Stomp Clap Hey’ Music Has People Reliving The Worst Of Early 2010s Culture

The early 2010s was a time period in a league of its own, and not necessarily in a good way. With a decade of hindsight, everything from planking to moustache finger tattoos is tinged with a distinct "what the hell were we doing" vibe. It's amazing how a short period of time can turn something from fashionable to atrocious, and this is especially true of music trends. This has recently been pointed out by Twitter user @lemonade_grrrl , who gave many people unwelcome flashbacks by reminiscing ab…
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Receive An Instant Serotonin Boost From Watching This Guy Playing The Tubes

There’s no doubt about it: life is frequently terrible. We all need a little (or a lot) of escapism to get through the day and there are few wholesome places we can get that from. Sometimes, only the power of music is capable of soothing our woes. Not only that, but this can sometimes come from more unconventional places than you might think. This is the case with @snubbyj . The Tiktoker is a musician and entertainer who does covers of popular songs entirely through the medium of plastic tubes.…
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Man Wins Everyone’s Hearts After Singing In The Grocery Store

Better than Walmart yodelling kid.
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An Eclectic Collection Of The Weirdest Spotify Playlists

And not one of them is 'Never Gonna Give You Up' repeated twenty times.
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Tom MacDonald Breaks Internet With Anti-Woke Anthem 'Snowflakes'

'The forecast said that there be snowflakes, whoa'
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Funny memes for metalheads, metal memes,

20+ Metal Memes For True Heads

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Melodious Memes For Music Lovers

A harmonious combination of images.
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