A compilation of memes about music, musical instruments, and music notation

Music Memes For People Who Play Musical Instruments

Everyone likes music, right? I am known to roll my eyes at people who list “music” as one of their interests. All I can think when someone says music is their favorite thing is, “yeah bro, everyone likes music.” However, some people like music a lot more than others. I'm talking about the CD-heads working their way through 1001 Albums You Must Listen To Before You Die . I'm referring to the people who were not only first chair in their high school band but also the first chair in their college…
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'I'l let you lick the lollipop': 15+ Raunchy Songs That People Sang as Kids That Aged Like Milk

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Aesthetic Thread Reveals Album Covers That Look Exactly Like How the Album Sounds

Good design
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Funniest Adele Memes for Bonafide Baddies Also Suffering From RBF and a Bad Attitude

Rolling in the memes
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Music Memes for Music Machines

There’s a lot to laugh about when it comes to music. Whether you’re a band nerd, hobbyist, producer, metalhead, or whatever else , it doesn’t matter. If you know anything about music, you can find some humor in making fun of it. Now, I'm no expert on music. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to become familiar with the basics. I grew up playing alto sax and I’ve played bass for a few bands. Casual stuff. If there’s anything I’ve learned, band kids are ostracized for a reason, and people who…
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A compilation of memes about theatre, theatre kids, and acting

Theatre Kid Memes For Attention-Seeking Musical Lovers

Five Six Seven Eight!
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Fabulous Britney Spears Memes for Top 40 Lovers Who Know She'll Always Be the Princess of Pop

It's Britney, bish
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Fans React to Reports of Taylor Swift's Breakup With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their long-time relationship. It goes without saying, but Swifties aren’t taking this well. Fans have been in a state of emergency; speculating, mourning, theorizing, and just losing their minds in general. Now, the high-profile split isn’t official yet. A source close to the couple claims that an amicable, no-drama breakup between the two took place a few weeks ago. Neither Swift nor Alwyn have confirmed this firsthand. That being said, we’re ta…
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Party People Discuss Things That Ruin a Party's Vibe

It's my party and I'll ruin the vibe if I want to
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Ticketmaster Gouges Cheap Tickets With Unethical Fees, Turns $80 Tickets Into $172 Tickets

They can't keep getting away with this!
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People Discuss Their Least Favorite Music Genres

Don't say rap and country
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Funniest Emo Memes for Elder Millennials Who Still Have Side Bangs and a Bad Attitude

wHeRe ArE yOooouUuuu, and iM sO SoRrEEEEy
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Musical Memes For Proud Theatre Kids

He had it coming!
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Hilarious Tweets Reacting To Ariana DeBose's Cringey BAFTA Performance

Angela Bassett did the thing!
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A compilation or list of memes about 80s music and 1980s musicians such as Queen, Michael Jackson, and Metallica

80s Music Memes For Those Still Jamming Out To The Oldies Station

When I was in high school, I was literally addicted to the 80s radio station. Even though I was birthed into this world in the 90s, these songs defined my teenage years. One of the most intriguing moments of this 98.7 KLUV era was when my sister and I discovered that our drive to school took up the entire runtime of the hit long song, American Pie. One day, the song began playing on the radio right when we started driving to school. By the time we pulled into my parking space, the tune memorial…
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Music twitter fleetwood mac dreams doja cat raunchy funny - 1993735

Doja Cat's Raunchy Version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' Actually Slaps

She does a pretty good Stevie Nicks.
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