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21 'Murican Memes & Posts That *Anyone* Can Laugh At

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False Advertisement

Headline that reads, "Man Sues McDonald's for Still Being Depressed After Eating Happy Meal"
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Ohhh Boy...

Tumblr post where someone asks what supervillain they'd be if they had the power to heal, and someone answers "the American healthcare system"
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Today I Learned!

Map of all of the lewdest-sounding city names in the United States
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funny alex jones roast

Alex Jones Is Getting Roasted For Claiming That The Libs Are Starting A #SecondCivilWar

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Happy Fourth Of July!

Sign that reads, "We're closed Tuesday, July 4th in observation of Brexit 1776"
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From Britain With Love

T-shirt that reads, "Happy treason day, colonial swine"


Funny meme about 4th of july
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Hurricane Hermine Can Go Right Back to Her Books

musica hurricane harry potter Hurricane Hermine Can Go Right Back to Her Books
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Tears That Taste Like Freedom

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It Has Everything the US Stands For

murica flag fast food - 8817254400
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Born to Ride

Babies murica parenting - 8817456640
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Feel the difference

murica - 8817068288
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Ah, Yes, the EAGLE Ceremony!

eagles tumblr murica trolling - 8816740608
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murica - 8817146368
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murica - 8817455872
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