Dammit Beaker, Not Again!

beaker wtf muppets funny - 7719974912

Way Better Than the Original

muppets star wars funny - 7689018368

Jim Henson Was Weird

muppets jim henson funny - 7673174016

If Beaker Was a Creeper...

beaker photobomb muppets creeper funny - 7661663488
Created by myfriendjen

Beaker Is the Best Lab Partner

beaker muppets idiots funny - 7643579136

Attorney Joumana Kayrouz Totally Looks Like Janice the Muppet

janice the muppet muppets totally looks like funny - 7633867776
Created by m.hoard68

Know Your Muppets

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Swedish Chef Dancing in The Kitchen

dancing muppets gifs swedish chef - 7401961216
Created by orison319

This Injury Lawyer Totally Looks Like Janis the Muppet

muppets totally looks like - 7285224192

Lil Jon Totally Looks Like Clifford the Catfish

Music muppets rap totally looks like - 7144013056

Nicki Minaj Totally Looks Like Janice from The Muppets

muppets TLL - 7075670528

The Angriest Muppet

wtf muppets star wars - 7016578816
Created by designmonkey78

He Died?!

the lion king muppets movies - 6964822528
Created by JBavarian

Disney's Smash Bros?

marvel disney muppets star wars - 6891621120
Created by TheKragenMemes ( Via Cool Ape )

Martian Muppets vs. Meowing Malcontents

muppets nope martians - 6727864576
Created by TuckerBentley

Stahp The Muppets

beaker meep muppets stahp - 6579733760
Created by Unknown