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People Recount The Dumbest Ways That They Nearly Died

Being alive is a risky business. It’s bad enough that it has a 100% fatality rate, but on top of that the ways in which it can be fatal are far more easy to come across than we think No matter how mundane our daily routines may seem to us, we never know if there’s going to be an unhappy surprise lurking for us round the corner. The heavy question of our own mortality has been on the minds of Redditors recently, as an AskReddit prompted people to consider the stupidest ways they’ve ever had a br…
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Relatable Thread About the Formulaic Quality of All Work Emails

Writing a generic email for work often feels so absurd, like we've evolved into administrative bots without real human personalities. Can you blame us, though? The average white-collar office job doesn't doesn't exactly inspire creativity. Most of us just want to get through the day as efficiently as possible so that we can go home and look at memes. @veryimportant hit the nail on the head with one comically relatable tweet about generic email formulas. The tweet resonated with so many people t
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kids having meltdowns over mundane things | He can't get down crying child sitting inside a truck wheel | cooking her eggs instead feeding them her raw small child reaching for the camera

22 Hysterical Snaps Of Kids Having Meltdowns Over Mundane Things

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Funny pictures of objects that look like faces | cardboard boxes in a green trash can that look like donald trump's head | steering wheel in a car that looks like a face and a rope tied to a hook that looks like it's flipping the bird

Twenty-Four Mundane Objects That Look Creepily Like Faces

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Yeah If Anxiety Could Stop Ruining My Life, That'd Be Great

Funny Tumblr meme about having anxiety over something incredibly stupid
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perfect match memes

32 Pics Of People Accidentally Matching With Really Mundane Things

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Shut Up

Caption that reads, "Y'all ever seen an elevator with a normal-ass door?" above pics of the elevator with a normal-looking door
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