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Absurdist Memes For the Proud Goofballs

It shouldn't be controversial for me to say that we've been in an era of absurdist humor for some time now. I don't know where this taste for silly & goofy comedy originated, but Gen Z and Millennials can't get enough of it. I can tell that absurdist humor has swept the nation because of the Netflix show I Think You Should Leave . It is a sketch comedy show starring and created by former SNL writer Tim Robbinson, and it is just as wacky as you could imagine. Ask any Millennial or Gen Zer who th…
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Reddit thread where people who grew up in the 90s discuss what they miss most about the 90s

90s Kids Discuss What They Miss Most About The 90s

RIP AOL chat rooms
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A compilation of the meme of the  "Me If [Blank] Was Illegal" format

Funniest "Me If [Blank] Was Illegal" Memes For Rebels and Rule Breakers

If loving my wife is a crime, officer, lock me up! That is the boomer dad version of the newest Twitter meme . It features the caption “me if [banal thing] was illegal” typically accompanied by a picture of Spongebob being handcuffed by the coppers, his face in agony. This meme format is fun because it's just so easy! I have a long list of everyday things that I could not stop doing, even if they were illegal! They include the following… Me if drinking at least four servings of Diet Coke per da…
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That Time Lil' Jon, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg & David Banner Performed As KoRn In 'Twisted Transistor'

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Genius Tumblr User Finds Out Exactly Which 'Good Day' Ice Cube Was Rapping About

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Happy Anniversary!

image mtv trolling Happy Anniversary!
Via NotYourAverageTomBoy

Malignant? Moronic? Mediocre?

Bar Graph mtv Music television - 4821456384
Created by Ninja_Beefcake

Is That So Much to Ask?

wtf true mtv TV booty g rated dating - 6818394880
Created by Unknown

Who Decides the Programming at MTV?

life keha mtv - 7371607808
Created by richie116

Hey, There's a Lot of Music Happening During The Commercials

dr-evil mtv Music - 7208132352
Created by Chopstickdropkick

I Know, It's a Little Gluttonous and Greedy of Me

mtv sloths - 7165980672
Created by Unknown

This Does Wonders For Their Backs

dancing gifs mtv - 6923509248
Via Keep Calm And Turn Up The Bass

I Bet You Will

gifs mtv - 6827024896
Created by Unknown


nope mtv - 4438504704
See all captions Created by sargetony

Pregnant Teens are Not Music Videos and Pawn Shops are Not History Documentaries

history mtv TV pepperidge farm - 6736263168
Created by Megamean09

Sandy Wasn't Pleased With Their Cancelation

jersey shore mtv hurricane sandy - 6726342400
Created by Unknown
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