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Funny memes featuring the stars of action movies, action heroes, chuck norris, sylvester stallone, arnold schwarzenegger, sylvester stallone | at 2 .m. drunkenly entranced by slow spinning Hot Pocket microwave @snackytuna | l'd like have sexual intercourse, please My girl, still mad didn't do dishes even though said would bread loafington NO CHANCE

40+ Action Hero Memes Packed With Testosterone

Hasta la vista, baby.
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Where's the Rest of the Team

costume wtf halloween mr t funny poorly dressed - 7859654144
Created by Unknown

Same Thing, Really

comma letter mr t prefix rolling similar sounding trolling - 5401563392
Created by Unknown

I Just Don't Think Mr. T is Cut Out for the Food Service Industry

catchphrase Ad job the a-team work McDonald's mr t - 6847340800
Via Pandyland

Nope, That's Not Creepy at All

wtf creepy mr t funny - 7953972992
Created by Unknown

Mr. T Is Totally B.A.

A Team mr t fools funny - 7863784448
Created by Unknown

A Fool is Served Every Day

puns mr t funny - 7742918912
Created by Unknown

Anyone Else See It?

pie mr t - 7665325568
Created by yoloswagingstonIII

I Pity the Fool...

puns mr t funny - 7670072320
Via OMG That's Punny

I Pity the T

school photos mr t celeb - 7098935552
Created by Unknown

Listen Up to These Commandments, Fool!

art awesome mr t - 7101291264
Via Augie Pagan

Two Great Humans

mr t martin luther king jr - 3339258112
Created by Unknown

I Bet That's Secretly Coffee

literalism tea mr t cup homophone - 6978141440
Created by xyzpdq1

I Pity the First Lady

mr t santa White house your argument is invalid - 6701013504
Created by jtcaseley1

Still Needs Chains

mr t Pie Chart - 6464894208
Created by zekeoman

Mr. Tee

double meaning literalism mr t resemblance the a-team T.Shirt - 6434375680
Via Reddit
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