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Funny Twitter story about people waiting in line on Mother's Day at Olive Garden | Kevin Horne @KevinHornePSU am about witness full on riot at Cranberry, Pennsylvania Olive Garden. Suburban Karens with husbands who are CFOs mid-size floor tile companies vs staff, which is 90-120 minutes behind order time. Will report back.

Guy Witnesses Full-On Karen Panic At Olive Garden On Mother's Day

Can Karens calm the eff down for five minutes?
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19 Times Moms Texted The Darnedest Crap To Their Embarrassed Offspring

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32 Random Memes To Rescue You From Your Crippling Boredom

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People Are Tweeting The Adorably Hilarious Things Their Moms Have Said

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Collection of funny memes in the OK Bye Mom format, where kid runs to the computer to search something after his mother leaves to run errands. The memes cover all sorts of topics, garlic bread, politics, donkey kong, pokemon, anime, porn, hentai, the simpsons, putin, trump, dogs.

Mother's Day Roundup: Best Of OK Bye Mom

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Why Choose?

Web comic about choosing whether to make breakfast for your mother or buy her an expensive gift, on train track that breaks of into two tracks. The train begins multi-track drifting to symbolize that you should do both for your mom.
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Happy Mother's Day

Funny meme: photo of kid crying and pointing gun, he eventually puts it down and looks at the ground, caption is about when you are mad at your mom but then you realize you need her.
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A Video Game Mother's Day

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A List of Internet to Help You Honor Thy Mum This Mother's Day

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Guys Ask Strangers for Mother's Day Gift Advice

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So Heartfelt!

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Thanks, Walmart!

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A Practical Reminder for All of You


What Every Mom Wants for Mother's Day

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Remember to Treat Mom to Something Nice Every Once in a While

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