Funniest Sleepy Memes for People Who Would Risk Their Career for 5 More Minutes in Bed

Funniest Sleepy Memes for People Who Would Risk Their Career for 5 More Minutes in Bed

Morning people are disgusting
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Mornings Can Get Effed

Funny meme that reads, "All this and I still won't wake up on time" above a photo of a smart phone with a ton of alarms set
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Hell Yeah

funny meme about people who are awake at six am | epic hand shake insomnia friend being awake at 6am stayed awake till morning friend international friend morning person friend
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Tough Life

Funny meme that reads, "Waking up three minutes before I have to login from home" above a still of a guy rolling out of bed
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Wow, What A Genius

Text that reads, "Boss: You're an hour late; Guy who's about to invent daylight savings: Oh, you haven't heard?"
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Why Do I Always Feel Like Sh*t

Caption that reads, "When you wake up in the morning and it feels like you only slept for eight minutes" above a pic of Bugs Bunny sitting on his bed looking sleep-deprived
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Totally Unrealistic Standards

Tweet that reads, "Video games allow us to do and experience things that are completely impossible in real life" above a still from a video game that reads, "You awaken feeling well-rested"
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Aw F*ck

Caption that reads, "When you wake up and check your phone to see how much longer you can sleep, but it's right before your alarm rings" above a pic of a character from Rick and Morty lying in bed looking at his alarm clock
Via killb

Excellent Point!

Little reader board with text that reads, "Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure your day can't get any worse than it started"
Via claireymummabeary

It's A Mystery!

Soda dispenser meme where the two buttons represent "Teens need to get more sleep" and "Classes start at 7:30;" person's hand represents "Schools," and soda cup represents "Why do they hate school?"
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Caption that reads, "When you've barely woken up and someone's trying to have a full-on conversation with you" above a pic of a little clay figurine appearing to suck the life out of a second figurine
Via anlyin

Pretty Much Every Day

Caption that reads, "Increasing the temperature bit by bit during your shower to see how much your body can take" above a pic of Elmo appearing to raise hellfire
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Get Ready

Caption reads, "Your bird at 5am getting ready for their morning scream" above a pic of a parrot perched on a coffee cup with some creamer in its talon
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