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34 Unorthodox Memes for Do-Gooders Fighting Their Demons

Memes for those of us empathizing with the little red guy on our shoulder
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Cringey Times Hypocritical People Revealed Their Double Standards

These people have no self-awareness
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People Argue About Whether Keeping Found Money is Ethical in Divided Thread

When I was a teenager, some friends and I were hanging out in a park one evening when we came across a wallet sitting in the grass. We opened it up to see if there was an ID and sure enough, there was, along with sixty bucks. We all agreed to bring it to the local precinct, but first we had a little fun and tossed it in a circle like a football. We briefly entertained the idea of keeping the cash, as any teenager would. But in the end, we did the right thing and turned the wallet in. I think in
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