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Caffeinated Student Horrifies With Confession Of How Many Energy Drinks She Consumes Weekly

RIP her intestines
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Weird video of pharmacist on TikTok mixing Monster energy drink and mylanta

Helpful Pharmacist Scrutinized After Downing Unhinged Monster Energy Drink Cocktail

It's important to refrain from judging people based on their idiosyncratic preferences, whether they're regarding dating, food, or fashion. But sometimes, people do stuff that is so heinous that you can't help but give them an incredulous extended side-eye or a disappointed shake of the head. This applies for TikTok pharmacist @philsmypharmacist . Phil has made something of a name for himself creating helpful videos that share smart OTC pharmacy hacks and wellness tips. In a recent video where…
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Funny meme that reads, "Me opening my front door to grab a package the Amazon driver dropped off..." above a an image of a monster coming out of a cave
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Nothing To See Here

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "WELCOME VISITOR. WE HAVE A 'CHURCH' AND A 'SCHOOL' AND NO TENTACLES WHATEVER" above an image of a map of a city called, "Humansville"

Just No

Funny tweet that reads, "Why do I even bother shopping at Walmart anymore" above a photo of a product called "Mayonster" mayonnaise and monster drink
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Funny video of a Christian woman explaining why Monster energy drinks are 'unchristian'

Christian Lady Explains Why Monster Energy Drinks Are Satanic

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funny kyle meme about the fall of the berlin wall, germany, monster energy drink.
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Funny meme, trevor wallace, when your name is kyle, energy drinks, video memes, funny memes.

Kyle Memes Reach A New Level With This Hilarious Short

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Sick & Delicious

Funny meme about monster energy ham, packaged ham,
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It's Comin Up!

Tweet that reads, "A haunted house but instead of scary monsters it's 15 people asking you what you are doing with your life and who you are marrying. Oh wait, that's Thanksgiving"
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Coming To Terrorize Hawkins, Indiana

Caption reads, "Holy shit it's a democorgin" with a pic of a corgi wearing a demogorgon costume
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Rise & Grind, Kyle!

Funny meme about baby food.
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Series of tweets that went viral about The Monster Mash and how nobody has actually heard it.

This Is Why Twitter's Freaking Out About 'The Monster Mash'

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Colletion ofspooky and creepy memes and comics for halloween.

25 Memes And Comics To Get You Into That Spooky Fall Mood

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Unleash the Beast

Funny photoshop meme about Monster Energy mustard.

Dad of the Year

Funny comic about dad checking under the bed for monsters, tells his kid they are all there and then leaves the room - kid is scared.
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