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30 Dank History Memes & Jokes About The Past

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Funny tweets about Genghis Khan getting "cancelled" on Twitter | STUNNABOYNEWS: Russia @6utzow Genghis Khan has just uploaded an apology video after being cancelled YouTube Q So Sorry. 58M views 1.7M 2.4M Share Save Report Genghis Khan SUBSCRIBE 22.3M subscribers | patrick @redford Oh no, this is NOT GOOD Genghis Khan Donald Trump posing with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

Genghis Khan Is Apparently Cancelled, According To Twitter

People are REALLY passionate about cancelling Genghis Khan.
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Funny history memes, mongolian history, european history, american history, war, treaty of versailles | Joe Exotic tiger king Germany after signing Treaty Versailles am never going financially recover this | Italy: Dolphins are returning! Meanwhile Mongolia: Guess whos back motherf*cker

History Memes Filled With Scholarly Humor

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Object-label meme where a little girl running represents "everything" and a peacock chasing her represents "the Mongols"
Via Wichelmich

Soon to be an Olympic Sport

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Some Serious Airbending

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A 12-Step Program

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