Monday morning


14 Monday Memes For Anyone Who's Straight-Up Dead Inside

Mondays are the effing worst, and we don't care what Sharon in HR says about it. Like, calm down Sharon, no one should be that cheerful at 9 am. The only people who are excited about Monday mornings are straight psychopaths and we want absolutely nothing to do with them. So instead of talking to people IRL, look at some Monday Memes  to help you get through it all. And we have more memes other than just these, like these 17 Memes to Get You Thru Monday or really get into it with these 55 Memes that celebrate Monday as the worst day of the week which is a fairly accurate assessment compared to all the other days of the week. Or just get all of them at once with this epic list explaining why the work week is such a struggle, and why there are so many dam ups and downs throughout...

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