Is That Your Girlfriend?

funny meme about mom reading into you saying hi to a girl outside of school, embarrassing mom
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Funny meme about people who research vaccines, anti-vaxxers researching on the toilet.
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Classic Mom

Funny meme about how moms are typing, typing ,typing, only for the text to read OK with a thumbs up.
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'Janet You Have To See This May-May I Found!'

Example of a Minion meme that a middle-aged mom would find hilarious
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Savage Mom

Caption that reads, "My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food 'cause 'ain't nobody help'" above a pic of a mom surrounded by plates of food that she made
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So Brave

Funny meme about facebook moms.
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Very Flashy

Caption that reads, "My mom is so dramatic. I don't even know how to get in the tub" above a pic of a bathtub with tons of fancy curtains on the front of it
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Too Real

Funny meme about wearing weird shoes to do chores.
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