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Twitter Raises Eyebrows At Emily Ratajkowski Holding Her Baby

That doesn't look right.
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Funny dank memes entitled, "The What" featuring a confused Woman staring blankly with a smile Rug Doctor Ad | electricity is invented people will measure science: WATT test really hard. Freind: Yea problems on back were really hard

'The What' Memes Have Been Everywhere On The Internet Lately

Dank memers everywhere have been loving these!
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Oh Hey There

Funny Twitter meme that reads, "Me posing for the government agent watching me in my camera" above photos of a woman posing in front of her computer
Via Sarahpeachick
Funny photos from an Instagram account called "Kirby Jenner" who photoshops himself in to photos of the Kardashian-Jenner family

'Kirby Jenner' Is The Troll-y Photoshop Hero We Need

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Pshh, Poor People

Funny meme that reads, " poor peons cannot even understand how to fashion!"
Via itistocold4

So Creative

Funny meme that reads, "News: Instagrammers are going to Chernobyl and taking photos"
Via crazy3
'Instagram vs. Reality' meme | 'Instagram vs. Reality' meme - Trisha Paytas | Woman - R

'Instagram vs. Reality' Memes Show How Damn Fake People Are On Social Media

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wtf bizarre mask model weird pics scam beauty weird - 8329733

21 Bizarre Pics Of Women Modeling Questionable 'Beauty' Products

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I Have The Body Of A Potato

Caption that reads, "When you plan an outfit in your head but it looks mad stupid once you try it on and now you don't know what to wear" above a pic of Spongebob in his underwear looking angry
Via Partyin

Good In Theory, Terrible In Practice

Caption that reads, "Expectation of hair behind ears" above a pic of Kendall Jenner next to caption that reads, "Reality" above a pic of Taylor Lautner with long hair tucked behind his ears looking dorky
Via sergeantangua
crazy fashion memes

15 Fancy Fashion Memes For The Posh Individual

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kendall jenner roasted for giant red coat

Kendall Jenner's Massive Jacket Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Roasts

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You're Not Fooling Anyone

Pic of a female model who looks just like Elijah Wood under the caption, "Nice try, Elijah Wood"
Via LiquidCookies
list trolling model - 902149

Guy Trolls His Male Model Friend by Imitating His Pictures

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plastic surgery surgery model Video wtf - 76239361

Elective Surgery of the Day: Model Has Six Ribs Removed to Achieve a 14 Inch Waist

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Girl from Check n Go Totally Looks Like Briana from dating site

computers girl internet model - 2274999040
By bookenout
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