Pyramid Scheme Memes

15 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Posts That Really Deliver The Cringe

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pyramid scheme scammer

MLM Saleswoman Gets Schooled With Logic On The Dangers Of Pyramid Schemes

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But...Vaccines Cause Autism!

Pic of Homer and Bart Simpson, representing Polio and the flu, with weapons above a pic of a kid with cards looking scared
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cover image about pyramid schemes in your Dm's

17 Pyramid Scheme Memes And Fails That'll Make You Feel Sad For Humanity

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pyramid scheme scammer getting schooled

Persistent MLM Salesperson Gets Totally Shut Down By An Internet Hero Armed With Facts

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cover image of a Santa children's pajama set that has gone wrong

16 Lularoe Cringe Moments That'll Have You Saying 'LulaNO'

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'Oh Heeyy, Great To See You!'

Object-label meme where a woman sitting at a desk represents "Me," the guy standing in the front of the image represents "Friend I haven't seen in years," and gift he's holding represents "Pyramid scheme"
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I Didn't Sign Up For This

Meme of confused Mr. Krabs with the caption, "When you thought you were just catching up with an old friend and it turns out to be a pyramid scheme meeting"
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people being stupid

14 Things That Scream 'I'm Very Stupid' To Absolutely Everyone

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lularoe leggings memes | pic of lularoe leggings with a print that looks like a male member | Shoe - 3 l 6T% 17:13 Well played, Lularoe. Well played.

20 LulaRoe Legging Fails That Are Almost Too Bad To Believe

Apparel brand LulaRoe is in quite a bit of hot water following allegations that the company is a pyramid scheme. They're currently embroiled in a 1 billion dollar lawsuit that is definitely not the first action to be taken against the legging giants. While we hope the exploitative business gets what it deserves, we're relishing the insane legging fails that the brand has blessed the internet with. Their "unicorn" leggings, rife with pattern placement fails, are proof that the company is lacking…
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